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Immune-boosting food dishes| Caroot ginger soup

Delicious And Interesting Immune-Boosting Food Dishes

We're all aware that it is mandatory to stay fit and healthy during these unprecedented times of Covid-19 outbreak. It is when we need to stay at home while taking all the necessary precautions. It is equally necessary to eat right which helps us to stay healthy. Let us add some more interesting flavors to […]

Tips To Help You Start With Food Blogging

Hello, dear food enthusiasts, We're always excited about food just like you all are! As Hungrito has been in the food business for the last 7 years, we've known several food bloggers who've worked with us. These hard-working bloggers are always trying to be creative and authentic in their work. Earlier, the time was such […]

Amusing Coffee Facts For All The Coffee Lovers

A cup of coffee is never a bad idea! Who'd not like to drink a great cup of coffee? The rich caffeine kick and the smell of the freshly brewed coffee is something you'd want to relish everyday! Isn't it ? If yes, then how about knowing some fascinating facts about your desired beverage while […]
Chai facts| Feature image

Fascinating Facts About Tea

Hello dear chai enthusiasts, We hope you're reading this while sipping chai from your tea cup! If not, then rush to your kitchen and make yourself a cuppa tea, come back, and read. How about a nice cup of classic aadrak wali chai or a cup of the flavorful green tea? The plan sounds amazing, […]
Barbequed food itmes| Feature image

Foods That You Can Easily Barbeque At Home

Paneer How about a plate of tempting paneer tikka? Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could make it easily at home? This popular Indian appetizer is loved by all and is absolutely fulfilling. Yes, you can make this restaurant style dish at home and enjoy the barbequed and luscious cubes of paneer with some pepper […]
Delicacies for festivities| Feature image

Holi Special Foods| Ahmedabad

"Rang barse bhege chunarwali, rang barse." "Do me a favor, let's play Holi." "Holi ke din dil khil jaate hain Rangon mein rang mil jaate hain." Set your mood right by these energizing songs which will also make you a fantastic Holi playlist! Yes, we're excited because the festival of bright colors and happiness is […]
Cookery show| Feature image

Food And Cookery Shows That'll Leave You Drooling

Dear food lovers, How about a delicate dance of precision of the culinary delights? Isn't it really satisfying to watch an overhead shot of someone preparing the delightful delicacies? If yes, then you're wholly obsessed by food! Also, if you're someone who is fond of the culinary delights and its presentation on a plate then […]

Evolution Of Cooking Methods Throughout The Years

Hello dear foodies, As we all are fond of the tasteful food, we always talk about the varieties, recipes, and types of it. We also make sure to list out the best places where you can relish your favorite food. But today, let's talk about the evolution of cooking methods throughout the years in this […]

Celebrating Women Excelling In The Food Industry- Ahmedabad

It is the 21st century and the power of women is everywhere! International Women's Day is the day to celebrate the achievements and increase the visibility of successful women that have worked hard to go beyond the stereotypes. One day to celebrate the success for all the wonderful women is never going to be enough […]

The Most Absurd Food Dishes You'll Ever Come Across

India is a land of royal and multiple cuisines. The rich delightful cuisines, mind blowing variety of robust food flavors, and innumerable food dishes of various kinds! It emphasis the beauty of our culture and customs. But did you know that there are several food dishes which are unusual? The bizarre, exotic, absurd, or weird […]
The Yummiest Fusion Of Indian and Foreign Food Dishes| Dosa waffles

The Yummiest Fusion Of Indian and Foreign Food Dishes

Indians and food - a classic example of an inseparable relationship - which is above and beyond the taste! Being an Indian, aren't we really fond of adding the desi tadka or twist to our food dishes? Even when we love several international cuisines but we feel that any dish is incomplete without the wonderful […]
Foreign food dishes| Feature image

7 ​​Food Items That Are Actually Firangi

Hey dear foodies, Are you someone who absolutely loves the basic Indian food dishes and desserts? Those comfort food platters and indulging sweets such as gulab jamuns and jalebis? We bet that you are not gonna deny the fact that you love it all! And we believe you, by all means! As Indians and food, […]
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