Top 5: Restaurants With Street Food On The Menu

With the start of the month, and the salary pouring in your accounts, who wouldn’t want to go to a high-end restaurant and enjoy the seasonal food dishes? And, How long have you been waiting to go out on a dinner date with your loved one? Well, all the cravings aside, but, you would never enjoy a street food venture in this rainy season, right? To save you from ruining your health, We bring you a list of high-end restaurants and cafes serving street food. Enjoy your lunch or dinner at this all day serving restaurants with street food on their menu with your loved ones in a fancy way.

1. Madhavrao:

Restaurants With Street Food
Source: Prashant Nair

A highly conceptual place, with a unique and peaceful ambiance. for all the art lovers, this one is a perfect combination of authentic Maharashtrian food and theme, This place has an old age charm with prompt service. Enjoy a healthy meal here enriching your taste buds.

2. Mohalla 380009:

Restaurants With Street Food
Source: @itsfoodieonly

A confluence of modern and profound vintage elements at the restaurant gives you a vibe to fall in love with this vibrant place, the restaurant has an elaborate menu with Gujarati, Punjabi, Maharashtrian as well as Italian delicacies.

3. Swati Snacks:

Restaurants With Street Food
Source: Raj Kiran

An amazing restaurant that serves snacks. Swati snack has been here for 1.5 years and maintained the taste consistently. Though the rates are bit higher, the restaurant comes with a variety of Gujarati snacks with both regular and Jain options.

4. Umami By Curries:

Restaurants With Street Food
Source: Kaushal Mehta

Beautiful, comfortable and lit with natural light, the restaurant is here to give you exotic and delightful dining experience. Amazing sizzlers and starters, it serves a combination of various food dishes and cuisines. Enjoy a variety of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes at this place.

5. Nini's Kitchen:

Restaurants With Street Food
Source: Prashant Nair

Well designed ambiance and a lively vibe, the restaurant is ideal for spending quality time with family or friends. Try out their authentic Punjabi food or look forward to the continental food in the menu, the restaurant won‘t disappoint. What are you waiting for? This weekend make sure to go and visit these places.

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