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Fascinating Flavours From Chuskiii Ro Gola, Ahmedabad

Summer evenings often run late into the night, planning something to eat and, most importantly, something to delight both young and old is a must. At this time of year with everyone enjoying their vacations handy snacks are obviously essential. But when the heat gets too much, I'd rather nibble on something cold. With arrivals of summer, Hungrito brought […]
Prasad Dining

Prasad Dining - Ahmedabad's First Traditional Gujarati Theme Restaurant

Picking a Gujarati thali restaurant has never been an easy task, at least in Ahmedabad — the largest city of a state known for its love for food. Prasad Dining, unlike any other Gujarati dining hall, offers a unique and amazing dining experience to all. Last weekend while strolling on Zomato for unique dining, I […]
Karma Cafe

Karma Cafe - A Cafe - Cum - Library Exhibition Hub In Ahmedabad

Yolo, what's up foodies? So today I'm going to talk about the hidden gem of Apnu Amdavad, The Karma Cafe. Location: Gujarat Vidyapeeth road, Navjeevan building, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad. The name of the cafe itself is based on the truth of life, "Karma". It's basically Gandhiji themed or ideology related to Gandhiji, Cafe-cum-Library-Exhibition Hub. Talking About The […]

My Visit To Le Artisan Boulangerie With Hungrito

Ciabatta, Multigrain Sourdough, Bagels, Pesto Bread, Ragi Bread, Beetroot Lavash … Confusing?? I know these names are very new or you might have heard or seen it somewhere in FoodFood, Living Foods kind of TV channels where they showcase international bakery items from various countries like France, Spain etc. Recently I got a call from […]
Le Artisan Boulangerie

A Small Parisian Corner In Ahmedabad: Le Artisan Boulangerie

So here I'm with another blog up for newly opened bakery and also the talk of the town, Le Artisan Boulangerie. It is really a small, simple and delectable place. This place has the best and widest collection of bread ranging from simple pumpkin bread, sourdough to cheese garlic and herbs baguette as their aim is to provide […]
Queso Y Cafe, Navrangpura

The #HungritoFM5 At Queso Y Cafe, Navrangpura

Queso Y Cafe, a newly opened cafe near HL road is a one-stop destination for the people who love to have different cuisines and wish to have them all in one place. Queso means Cheese in Spanish, so the menu has great varieties of cheesy dishes. This cafe is located at Ahmedabad’s one of the […]
Ice Studio, Ahmedabad

Beat The Heat With The Refreshing Mocktails At Ice Studio, Ahmedabad

As we all know that summer is around, that too in a city like Ahmedabad, every day, every moment you crave to have something cool and refreshing. And the best part of summer is, you can have a variety of coolers such as mocktails, gola, ice creams, soft drinks, at any point in time. Like, […]

Whisky Slush, Nutella Gola & much more At Candy Crush RO Water Gola

Summers are here and you all must've felt that temperature is escalating day by day. Now to hear the beat I was making a list of places that can help me beat the scorching heat. Now that list was ready, next question comes which place to visit first? Plus, I wanted to start this season […]

The #HungritoFM4 At I Love Sandwich House, SG Highway

I LOVE SANDWICH HOUSE, SG Highway is a newly opened paradise for all the sandwich lovers in the house. Not only do they serve tasteful sandwiches but also have a satisfactory ambiance. They have a large, glowing name board, just outside the place which would instantly help you identify the place and highlight your social […]

Revealing A Great Waffle Experience At Stick With It, Ahmedabad

They say you are, what you eat then why don't we eat the waffle and be the pancakes with abs! I know it's crazy but my love for a waffle is talking. You also know that with all the food trends that got people's attention in Ahmedabad, stick waffle was a major player! It won […]
The Grand Thakar, Ahmedabad

The Grand Thakar, Ahmedabad - A Place For Gujarati Retreat

Being a Gujarati I don’t really like to spend on Gujarati food. Over the years a lot of different restaurants have come with different Gujarati thalis at varying prices. I was not entirely satisfied with most of them. The reason for my dissatisfaction is simple. It is Gujarati food and it shouldn’t have the North […]

A Review on Mount Everest's Menu

A newly opened place in town for all the Chinese lovers out there - Mount Everest. A place that serves a fusion of Indian and Chinese dishes with an ambiance which is pretty straightforward. A must needed family restaurant. Simple and posh! 1. Karari Rumali Roti : Karari Rumali Roti is also famous as lamboo […]
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