Ristretto Behind The Rods is giving Ahmedabad’s food places good run for their money. Already winning people and making a special place in heart of food lovers. When I asked them “aren’t you afraid of the competition around here ?”. The owner answered pretty confidently “we are very well aware of our competition here. This area has a lot of amazing cafes But we want to give the customers the experience they have never had, Something very special! ” Indeed they’ve lived up to the reputation and it’s my absolute pleasure to introduce this place.


In my experience, you can never go wrong with their food. You’ll get the special type of food according to your mood. Quality and quantity both are up to the mark.
I recommend Masala maska cheese fries, Hummus and Indian sizzler.  Masala maska cheese fries is very delicious and cheesy fries you’ll ever get in Ahmedabad.

ristretto behind the rods
Source: Unnati Shah

It is one of the best fries in Ahmedabad. It will always leave you wanting more.
Hummusa is a unique version of samosa, the dip that they serve with that is mouthwatering. It is served with fried chilli which gives it an Indian touch.

ristretto behind the rods
Source: Unnati Shah

Their way of presentation wins your heart. not only their presentation is good but their food is also delicious.They also have their own bakery.

ristretto behind the rods
Source: Unnati Shah

It is a great place to drink away your midweek blues with their amazing mocktails. Every mocktail is presented in a unique way and It will refresh you instantly.

ristretto behind the rods
Source: Unnati Shah


Replaced qwitches at Vijay crossroads it is a 2-floor cafe. It gives u rock kind of feeling.They have this jail type of separate space where you can hang out with your friends or family.

Best cafes in Ahmedabad
Source: Zomato

You can celebrate the birthday in there. They’ll decorate it according to your choice and occasion. They’ve live music set up for weekends and they stream live sports as well. A great place to spend quality time with your friends and families.

So go and have amazing food with your loved ones at this amazing place – Ristretto Behind the Rods and do tell me how it went!

Unnati Shah is a big time foodie and you can follow her food discoveries here : @always_hungrygirl

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