Valentine’s day, a day to cherish your loved ones and the beautiful memories you created with them. There are many ways to showcase your love towards them, but food dates are the best. The romantic vibes on that day are on another level, everything seems pleasant and love is in the air and to make this day more special, we’re here with the best 10 Romantic Restaurants and Cafes in Ahmedabad to celebrate your love with your soulmates.
Spend some quality time with your partner at these magnificent places in Ahmedabad and devour their amazing food dishes.
The recommendation of these romantic restaurants is surely going to help you on the special day of yours!

1. Tinello – Hyatt Regency

Tinello is one of the best Italian serving restaurants in Ahmedabad. It is the most stylish, elegant, and upbeat restaurant which serves exclusive mocktails and cocktails. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best restaurants for couples in Ahmedabad.

Must-Have: Primavera, Bruschettas, and Cannelloni Spinach
Average cost for two: ₹1,600

Romantic Restaurants
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Does your better half love the golden era vibes and retro is his/her type? M.A.D by Tomatoes will bring the old-time dating back but with the modern types of multi cuisines and will create a happening atmosphere for your date.

Must-Have: Hot Pot, Lasagne, Shikari Murgh, and Creme Brulee.
Average cost for two: ₹1,300

Romantic Restaurants
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Are you one of those couples who love non-veg more than anything? Earthen Oven will surely serve you well with its majestic ambiance, an incredible view of the city, and unique dining experience.

Must-Have: Chicken Shorba and Paneer Khurchan.
Average cost for two: ₹1,500 for two

Romantic Restaurants
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Mango is a luxuriant place with a garden view dining. It is the best place for dates as it soothes your mood with all the greenery and is peaceful to enjoy your meal.

Must-Have: Spinach Cheese Ravioli, and Awadhi Kewra Biryani
Average cost for two: ₹1000 for two

Romantic Restaurants
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It is indeed an exquisite place for romantic dates. Soulmate is famous for its twin dining style. The aura there mesmerizes you with its candlelight dinner, sounds like a perfect place for the date, right?

Must-Have: Cranberry Kofta Curry, Mexican Hopper Pepper Rice, Mango Cheese Cake
Average cost for two: ₹1500 for two

6. Muse

Romantic Restaurants
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Muse restaurant gives you a variety of choices for seating areas – fine dine, cafe, and open area. It has a photogenic and unique ambiance that will lighten up your date with a variety of delicacies.

Must-Have: Kung Pao Chestnuts, Oriental Twist, Black Sesame, and Chocolate
Average cost for two: ₹1,500

Romantic Restaurants
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Secret Kitchen is well known for its unique and beautiful ambiance in the city. The shimmering lights and culinary dishes will surely win your hearts and make your date a wonderful one.

Must-Have: Dubai Platter, The Legendary Berry Pulav, Autograph Dessert
Average cost for two: ₹2000

Good places for dinner on valentine's day| Epitome
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Epitome is one of the most spacious and perfect demonstrations of fine dining in the city. With its delicious delicacies and its glistening lights, it will surely win all your hearts for a romantic date.

Must-Have: Mexican Sizzler, and Paneer Shashlik Sizzler
Average cost for two: Rs 1000: Rs 1000

Places for dinner on valentine's day| Skyz restaurant
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As the name suggests this amazing terrace garden restaurant is a perfect dine-out for couples. It has everything that an ideal date place must have- romantic ambiance, good food, and live music to give you the whole valentine’s vibe.

Must-Have: Skyz Special Paneer, and Choco Cigar with Ice-cream
Average cost for two: ₹1,200

10. @Nine -The Fern


@Nine is one of the extraordinary places in Ahmedabad where you can enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved one. You will definitely have a fabulous experience of a dinner date rooftop sitting boxes, soothing music, and lip-smacking food dishes. The place offers multiple cuisines like Italian, Mexican, and Mediterranean.

Must-Have: Chilled Watermelon Soup, Crostini, Tiramisu, Rissoto, Mocktails, Hot Chocolate.

Plan your Valentine’s Day Dinner at any of these Romantic Restaurants in Ahmedabad and make it a memorable experience!