Some Great Facts About Lip-Smacking Ice Cream!

Who doesn’t love licking ice creams? Available in a thousand different flavors, it is the best dessert. Period. But how many of you know these unique facts about the beloved ice cream? Let’s find OUT!

1.The most famous flavor

Vanilla Ice cream | facts about ice cream| Ice cream flavours| Most popular| vanilla flavour | love ice cream
Vanilla Ice Cream

Any guesses? Surprise surprise! The most famous flavor of ice cream is not chocolate. It’s vanilla! Huh! It is closely followed by chocolate, strawberry, and Cookies N Cream.

2. But what was invented first?

It is a mystery about how ice cream was first created, with each subcontinent having it’s own story. Although we know that chocolate flavor came into existence wayyy before vanilla. Whoever invented it, a huge thanks!

3. Waffle Cones!

Waffle cones | Ice cream | facts about ice cream | waffle ice cream| love ice cream | kids and icecream|
Waffle Ice Cream

We all loved eating ice cream. Until we found the delicious waffle cones! Do you know waffle cones are supposedly invented by accident?In 1904, an ice cream seller finished all his dishes due to so many people just lining to buy his wonderful ice cream. So he borrowed waffles from his friend vendor at the St. Louis World’s Fair. Thus, Waffle Cones were invented!

4. Lickin’ Good

Ice cream | facts about ice cream | Licking| Licking ice cream | love ice cream | kids and icecream|
Licking Ice Cream

We all become kids when it comes to eating (say licking!) a scoop of ice cream. Well, studies have found that on an average, a person takes 50 licks to finish an ice cream. Talk about a good tongue workout!

5. Weird But So GOOD

weird Ice cream | facts about ice cream| weird flavours| tasty ice cream flavours | love ice cream | kids and icecream|
Ice Cream Flavours

With the thousand flavors in the market, there were bound to be some weird concoctions. Some weird/unique ice cream flavors are garlic, avocado, jalapeno, and dill pickle.

6. Ice Cream Fruit?!

Inga feuillei | Ice cream fruit| facts about ice cream | Ice cream bean fruit |vanilla ice cream | love ice cream|
Inga Feuillei

Did you know there is a fruit that tastes like ice cream? Inga Feuillei, a Hawaiian fruit tastes exactly like vanilla ice cream. WOW, right? So now, parents and children are both happy!So let us know how many of these facts you knew? Comment your thoughts on Ice cream!Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter for all things food!