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5 Pani Puri Places You Must Explore In Ahmedabad

Bhaiya, thoda aur teekha banao!!! Sunte hi mooh me pani aa gaya na??? With various names such as Gol Gappa, Pakodi, and Pani Puri, it is India's favorite snack! Pani puri comes with a wonderful tangy-spicy taste. It is pocket-friendly and delicious. Thus, Pani puri is the perfect chaat for Indians.  But there are thousands of […]
Ways To Have Chocolate

10 Delightful Ways To Have Chocolate In Ahmedabad

"A Balanced Diet Is ChocolateIn Both My Hands" Chocolate is the most favorite thing to eat for everyone! We are pretty sure that no one would be able to resist if there was chocolate in front of you. It is more an emotion than a sweet delicacy today. Whenever we are happy, the first thing […]
Pancake Places In Ahmedabad

7 Pancake Places In Ahmedabad You Should Definitely Visit

Hola Foodies, so who doesn't love pancakes? Pancakes are amazing desserts for the chilly winter nights which all of you must definitely try without fail. For eating something hot, sweet and creamy you should not miss out on these puffy pancakes. They are also a part of the bakers' family but it's a flat cake […]
Types Of Foodies

Out Of 7 Types Of Foodies, In Which Category Do You Fall?

For most of us, food is the most important thing and it is also necessary to know in which category do you fall among all types of foodies, isn't it? Some of you might fall in almost every category of the foodies because for them, food is the only major thing in their life. There […]
cheese| variety of cheese| types

5 Easy Cheese Recipes To Try This Weekend

Cheeeeeeeeeese it is! Who'd deny to delicious dishes which are filled with cheesy cheese? I,m sure none of you would. So here I'm back again with the best cheese recipes which are quick to make and you can definitely try them at this weekend. 1. Margherita Pizza The classic pizza based with tomato gravy and […]

Zoodles - Spaghetti Made Out Of Zucchini

Have you ever heard about Zoodles? I guess know. So here I am to give you a brief about it. Zoodles = Zucchini Noodles! Sounds weird, right? But trust me, when you'll taste it, you'll never get over it. Basically, it is an alternate form of pasta. When the kids don't like to eat raw […]

5 Foods That Will Make Your Skin Healthy

Healthy skin is all about being fresh all the time. But in today's hectic life, it is difficult to maintain our skin because of the dust and pollution around us. The weather keeps on changing every single time which has a major role in making our skin unhealthy. So we do a lot of stuff […]

5 Different Types Of Fondues In Ahmedabad

When we talk about fusion food in Ahmedabad, we have some of the really good options available around us. And one among them is Fondues. Fusion food is something in the mixed form of desi food with a videsi twist. The main dish remains the same, but it is modified and presented in the form of […]
Mexican Hot Pot

5 Places Serving Tempting Mexican Hot Pot In Ahmedabad

For all the Mexican food lovers, here I have something for you which is one of the best dishes among the Mexican cuisine. Any guesses..? Maybe after seeing the picture, you might answer the question. But I cannot resist myself from sharing with all of you about this dish. So the name of the dish […]

8 Authentic Chinese Restaurants In Ahmedabad

Chinese cuisine is one of the favorite cuisines for everyone. Here, in Ahmedabad, we find both the types of Chinese that are Authentic Chinese and Indian Chinese. There are various options such as Schezwan rice, Schezwan noodles, triple fried rice, but the most preferred dish among these is Manchurian gravy and fried rice...Aahhh! And sometimes Hakka Noodles […]

7 Home Bakers Turned Professionals In Ahmedabad - Part 2

7 Baking doesn't get old no matter in which era we live. We speak one language through this hobby! The transformation from simple vanilla and chocolate homemade cakes to designer cakes to cupcakes, popsicle and much more. We’re always on the lookout for the new voices that inspire, inform and influence the baking community. I […]
Doughnuts and Flavored Coffee

Doughnuts And Flavored Coffee At Java +, Courtyard Marriott

It's been 3 months and counting since Dunkin' Donuts 3 outlets have been closed down in Ahmedabad. Breakup Party Eclair Donut / Cookie Cart Wheel Donut and Classic Mutton Burger with coffee were one of my favorite binge on at Dunkin' Donuts. Though you can get any Doughnuts in Ahmedabad, not all places could fix my taste […]
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