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Eateries in Ladakh| feature image

9 Best Cafes To Visit In Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh - a land of captivating nature and delectable delicacies! You'll be stunned by the force of nature and the beautiful presentation of the food platters by various food joints. While the extreme weather conditions giving your goose-bumps, the culinary delights of ladakh are no less! Therefore, we've curated a list of cafes in […]
The Yummiest Fusion Of Indian and Foreign Food Dishes| Dosa waffles

The Yummiest Fusion Of Indian and Foreign Food Dishes

Indians and food - a classic example of an inseparable relationship - which is above and beyond the taste! Being an Indian, aren't we really fond of adding the desi tadka or twist to our food dishes? Even when we love several international cuisines but we feel that any dish is incomplete without the wonderful […]
Different cafes for book lovers| Feature image

5 Best Cafes For Booklovers In Ahmedabad

Are you a foodie who loves to read books equally? Do you also like places where you can eat and read too? Spending your leisure time with your two favourite activities combined in one! Isn't it a packaged deal though? Where one can read while relishing some delicious food items. Or you can simply relax […]
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