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Fantastic lines for culinary delights| Feature image

Funny Pizza Puns

Hey dear food lovers or rather pizza lovers, Don't you think that food and some humour goes hand in hand? It is an amazing packaged deal tho just like a packaged box of the delightful pizza. Isn't it? Also, how about a fun wordplay of our most favorite food - Pizza? Yes, if you are […]
Food lines| feature image

10 Interesting Chai Puns For The Chai Lover In You

Hello dear food fans, Chai there? We mean to ask whether you're there with a cup of tea or not? If not, then you should because this beloved beverage is so tas-tea! We believe that chai is an emotion and a way of life. And majority of the world's population is fond of this simple […]
food puns and food pickup lines| Feature image

Food Puns and Pickup Lines We can't Get Over

Do you prefer your puns intended? Or are you fond of the sweet pick up lines when it comes to food? If you are a fan of wordplay then we’ve got you covered with this because you are our all Thyme favourite! You can impress your loved ones with these pizza minded and barbe-cute puns […]
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