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Top 5 Places For Softy Ice Cream In Ahmedabad

‘Yaar kaik sweet khavu che’.‘Chalo pastry khai aaiye.’‘Na etli bhookh bhi nathi.’‘Toh toh ek j solution che boss.’“Softy? Softy.” Softy is a foodie’s way of saying,” Okay? Okay.” Softy is the perfect dessert option for every season. It is a delightful sight and a wholesome treat. There are innumerable flavors available, and every flavor is […]
Top Favorite Dishes Of Ahmedabad Over The Years| Salim Burger| Feature Image

Top Favorite Dishes Of Ahmedabad Over The Years

Food from the narrow lanes of the old city, to college areas near university road, the nightlife at Manek Chowk and IIM, and the restaurants at Bodakdev- Ahmedabad city has got it all. Nothing brings the Ahmedabadis together like good food and its food memories. Along with the rich title of heritage city, Ahmedabad also […]
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