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Milkshakes In Ahmedabad

Best Places For Shakes In Ahmedabad

Milkshake is the love of summer. The mixture of sweetness, milk, cream and lots of healthiness is always on the top of my list mostly when it's summertime. You would be happy to know about the different places for milkshakes in Ahmedabad. It will definitely help you to make up your checklist longer with a […]

The #HungritoFM2 At Cafe De Italiano, CG Road

When it comes to cafe and restaurant, I am very particular. Nothing less than the perfect combination of good food, interesting ambience and impeccable service satisfies me! When I got an invitation for the Cafe De Italiano, CG Road by team hungrito, my curiosity was aroused. I have already been there but this time it was for […]
yash's gbt

Yash's GBT: A Go To Place With Friends In Ahmedabad

Recently I visited this unique place in our city, Yash's GBT. After a great experience there I thought to share the reviews with you guys. So let's find out what this place has to offer you with respect to food and the overall experience. The ambience of the cafe was enhanced with some dim lights […]
Best Freak Shakes In Ahmedabad

The Best Freak Shakes In Ahmedabad To Look Out For

There was a time when milkshakes were only flavoured milk with minimal toppings, but now they are a dessert palette in themselves. These fancy looking milkshakes also termed as Freak Shakes, are taking over Ahmedabad with quiet a storm. Freak Shakes are the most delicious tummy fillers one could ever imagine. These over-zealous jars are […]
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