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6 Different Kinds Of Fries You Can Try In Ahmedabad

We don't believe in Fries Before Guys. We believe in Fries before Everyone Else!It is our mantra for the foodie life. Now, who doesn’t like french fries? For the love of food, every cafe is coming up with innovative flavors and kinds of fries. Apart from being a side dish, french fries are now available […]

How Many Of These World Food Days Do You Know? - Part 2

The world is a crazy place to live in. The only solace- Food. Here I come with more world food days to celebrate with fellow foodie friends. It is up to us foodies to gather and party on these world food days! World Chocolate Day - July 7th Which of the other days can bring you […]

Let’s Have Some Fun And Delicious Food At The Foodiness Cafe

Previously residing at the Food Park near Rajpath club, the Foodiness cafe was immensely loved by people for its unique food dishes. It specializes in the Fusion food category and the creativity of chefs in their kitchen has garnered them with much appreciation. The Foodiness cafe has now opened at S.G. Highway, near Zydus hospital. […]
Best Ways To Drool Over Potato!

Best Ways To Drool Over Potato!

Potato is the most selfless vegetable and the most loved one too. Would you disagree with this? I'm a big Potato Fan. I can have potatoes in almost everything and in whatsoever way possible. Boiled, fried or blanched potatoes do wonders in every form. And can you resist those crispy potato chips? I bet not. […]
Poutine in Ahmedabad

Cafes Serving Yumilicious Poutine In Ahmedabad

“Exercise…Did you just say extra fries?” --- a heartfelt conversation between mind and the body of every foodie! Hello, wassup, Kem chho Ahmedabad! Well, for as long as I can remember, fries have been my constant favourite snack and I am not just talking of the fries at the very famous chain such as those […]
I Love Sandwich House

I Love Sandwich House For All Sandwich Lovers: #HungritoFM4

I Love Sandwich House is a newly opened cafe at S.G. Highway and this cafe has been the talk of the town since its inception. The place is just perfect for all the big time foodies and sandwich lovers. At the time you walk in, you'll be in love with the place just like love […]
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Social Knights Cafe - A Paradise For Nutella Lovers

For all the Nutella lovers in the city, here comes a time to rejoice. A new cafe, having the centralized theme of Nutella and board games has been introduced in the city. As a proud Nutella fanatic, Social Knights has included as many as 25 dishes that comprise Nutella in the most delicious ways. Along […]
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