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Ristretto Behind The Rods: Perfect For Unique Dishes And Drinks

Ristretto Behind The Rods is giving Ahmedabad's food places good run for their money. Already winning people and making a special place in heart of food lovers. When I asked them "aren't you afraid of the competition around here ?". The owner answered pretty confidently "we are very well aware of our competition here. This […]

Cafes With Board Games: Re-living Childhood Days With Friends

THESE PLACES IN AHMEDABAD WILL GIVE YOU MAJOR THROWBACK FEELS AND RE-LIVE CHILDHOOD DAYS Hello, wassup, Kem chho foodies! So as much as I love exploring new places in town, I love to share my favourite experiences with all you amdavadis! Since Ahmedabad is one of the biggest food hubs of India, recently I have […]
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