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Ice Studio, Ahmedabad

Beat The Heat With The Refreshing Mocktails At Ice Studio, Ahmedabad

As we all know that summer is around, that too in a city like Ahmedabad, every day, every moment you crave to have something cool and refreshing. And the best part of summer is, you can have a variety of coolers such as mocktails, gola, ice creams, soft drinks, at any point in time. Like, […]
10 Drinks To Beat The Ahmedabad Heat

10 Drinks To Beat The Ahmedabad Heat

If you’re in Ahmedabad this summer, it goes without saying that you are on the lookout for a way to escape the wrath of the rising mercury with all the cool summer drinks! The sweltering Ahmedabad heat can leave you feeling fatigued, dehydrated and parched. You are more vulnerable to diseases in summer owing to […]
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