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Prasad Dining

Prasad Dining - Ahmedabad's First Traditional Gujarati Theme Restaurant

Picking a Gujarati thali restaurant has never been an easy task, at least in Ahmedabad — the largest city of a state known for its love for food. Prasad Dining, unlike any other Gujarati dining hall, offers a unique and amazing dining experience to all. Last weekend while strolling on Zomato for unique dining, I […]
The Grand Thakar, Ahmedabad

The Grand Thakar, Ahmedabad - A Place For Gujarati Retreat

Being a Gujarati I don’t really like to spend on Gujarati food. Over the years a lot of different restaurants have come with different Gujarati thalis at varying prices. I was not entirely satisfied with most of them. The reason for my dissatisfaction is simple. It is Gujarati food and it shouldn’t have the North […]
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