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Yummy food of Gujarat| Feature image

Best Gujarati Comfort Foods That Can Lift Your Mood In Seconds

Jamvama su che aje? Undhiyu, Dhokla, Handvo, ke pachi Thepla? These faaaab Gujarati dishes would bring an instant smile on our face, isn't it? One of the most beautiful thing is how we Gujjus are known to carry our food everywhere. Whether it be khakharas, dhokla, chevdo, or gathiya(dry snacks). However, you can never go […]
Prasad Dining

Prasad Dining - Ahmedabad's First Traditional Gujarati Theme Restaurant

Picking a Gujarati thali restaurant has never been an easy task, at least in Ahmedabad — the largest city of a state known for its love for food. Prasad Dining, unlike any other Gujarati dining hall, offers a unique and amazing dining experience to all. Last weekend while strolling on Zomato for unique dining, I […]
The Grand Thakar, Ahmedabad

The Grand Thakar, Ahmedabad - A Place For Gujarati Retreat

Being a Gujarati I don’t really like to spend on Gujarati food. Over the years a lot of different restaurants have come with different Gujarati thalis at varying prices. I was not entirely satisfied with most of them. The reason for my dissatisfaction is simple. It is Gujarati food and it shouldn’t have the North […]
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