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Best Places Serving Steamy & Delicious Momos In Ahmedabad

You all must have heard about the craze for Momos North Indians have, but do you know how this name 'momo' came from? As the origin of momo is claimed to be originated from Tibet, Nepal or northeast India, the name comes from the Tibetan word 'mog-mog'. These little momos are nothing but little dumplings […]

7 Must Try Dishes At HL and Cept Food Street, Ahmedabad

The commercial capital of Gujarat will never disappoint you when it comes to grub. From wide ranged choices in street food to posh cuisines, Ahmedabad has it all. This city is heaven for vegetarians, but non-vegetarians wouldn't leave this city without happy guts either. Ahmedabadis' love for food and urge to try more has got […]
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