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Amusing Coffee Facts For All The Coffee Lovers

A cup of coffee is never a bad idea! Who'd not like to drink a great cup of coffee? The rich caffeine kick and the smell of the freshly brewed coffee is something you'd want to relish everyday! Isn't it ? If yes, then how about knowing some fascinating facts about your desired beverage while […]
various types of coffees| featured image

Unique Types Of Coffees You Can Try In Ahmedabad

Are you fond of coffee, just like we are? A sour, sweet, sharp, or bitter one? We believe that a good cup of coffee is an Art. May it be a cold frappe for you to chill on a hot day in summer or a warm latte to warm yourself on a chilly winter morning. […]

Starbucks In Ahmedabad, Finally Made It's Way!

Had an amazing weekend, right? As all the Starbucks fans would be so happy to know that finally, it has made its way to Ahmedabad. And all the die-hard coffee lovers, or Starbucks lovers, will surely bump in there the moment it opens here. Now, its time as all the Amdavadis and Gujarati's can flaunt […]
Seva Cafe

Fill Your Gupshup With Coffee & Much More At Thikana, Ahmedabad

Hello Foodies! As summer is always difficult to beat in the city like Ahmedabad, here we are with one interesting place which will surely help you to beat this scorching heat. And the place is Thikana! Can you imagine a cafe with the unique concept of a laari, serving the best-flavored coffees in Ahmedabad? Sounds interesting! But […]
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