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Safety Measures to Follow while Dining Out

How are all our Foodies doing out there? Maja ma badha? As you must have seen the restaurants and the fast-food joints have started opening slowly. Food places are reopening in Unlock 1.0. While things are getting towards a new normal, there is still the dark cloud of the pandemic hanging above us.  While going out we […]
10 Places In Ahmedabad For Die Hard Sandwiches Lovers

10 Places In Ahmedabad For Die Hard Sandwich Lovers

Sandwiches are the most loved food when it comes to satisfying hunger. What an amazing thought of mixing all veggies and stuffing it in between slices of bread. I can't think of my life without sandwiches. And most importantly they are available in almost all kinds of fillings, and at some places, you can even […]
World Food Day

Cafes For A Date With An Individual Who Loves Coffee!

Are you going out on a date with an individual who loves coffee? A coffee buff who would not stop complaining about the quality of coffee to you. I mean, being a coffee addict myself, I know how important that fresh aroma of freshly brewed espresso is! Do you wish to impress your date with […]

The Esplendido Cafe: Great Ambiance And Delectable Food

The Esplendido Cafe is a beautiful cafe decorated with various plants, giving a peaceful ambiance. Be it parties or a quiet romantic date, the cafe is perfect for you! It has various different seating arrangements and the food is finger licking delicious. The chefs are extremely creative giving a unique touch to each of their […]

Blue Bottle Cafe- HungritoFM9

Our team recently organized #HungritoFM9 at The Blue Bottle Cafe - A rooftop spot located at TGB express, Maninagar. The place has got a really nice ambiance with an amazing view from the terrace. Also, the exquisite furniture and lightings at the cafe give it a warm and cozy touch. It is the perfect place […]
Karma Cafe

Karma Cafe - A Cafe - Cum - Library Exhibition Hub In Ahmedabad

Yolo, what's up foodies? So today I'm going to talk about the hidden gem of Apnu Amdavad, The Karma Cafe. Location: Gujarat Vidyapeeth road, Navjeevan building, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad. The name of the cafe itself is based on the truth of life, "Karma". It's basically Gandhiji themed or ideology related to Gandhiji, Cafe-cum-Library-Exhibition Hub. Talking About The […]

Cafes Near Bodakdev That Are Worth Visiting | Part-1

Ahmedabad has always been a Food Hub with lots of varieties ranging from Gujarati Farsan's to the Fancy Food. And we as foodies, always get confused on what to eat and where to eat. So most of the times we end up going to the same old places and have the same old dishes. Does […]

My Visit To Le Artisan Boulangerie With Hungrito

Ciabatta, Multigrain Sourdough, Bagels, Pesto Bread, Ragi Bread, Beetroot Lavash … Confusing?? I know these names are very new or you might have heard or seen it somewhere in FoodFood, Living Foods kind of TV channels where they showcase international bakery items from various countries like France, Spain etc. Recently I got a call from […]
Celebrate This Women's Day Foodie Style

Celebrate This Women's Day Foodie Style

Women's Day is a worldwide celebration of the spirit of womanhood, women's innumerable achievements and struggles and a day to salute the selfless journey of every woman. Take a minute and imagine your life without your Maa, Grandma, Wife, Sister or Daughter. Can you imagine? I hope not.  Every single life is incomplete without the presence of […]

Ristretto Behind The Rods: Perfect For Unique Dishes And Drinks

Ristretto Behind The Rods is giving Ahmedabad's food places good run for their money. Already winning people and making a special place in heart of food lovers. When I asked them "aren't you afraid of the competition around here ?". The owner answered pretty confidently "we are very well aware of our competition here. This […]
Seva Cafe

Seva Cafe: An Experiment In Peer-to-Peer Generosity

This cafe is not your ordinary dining place Described as an experiment in peer-to-peer generosity Seva Cafe is a place where generosity and love are ethics, food is served with the purpose of spreading love as well as make you feel homely. Once you step in, you will be moved by its energy and vibes. […]
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