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Delicious Beverages In Ahmedabad- cover images

Have You Tried These Delicious Beverages In Ahmedabad ?

Hello, everyone! After my some attempts of trying beverages here and there, I'm covering up some of the delicious beverages in Ahmedabad to make your task a bit easier. 1. Hot Chocolate "Tea or Coffee?" "Well, Hot Chocolate!"That would be my answer if I had been asked this question. Well, where people are serving Bornvita […]
Dishes you can’t miss in Ahmedabad

Dishes you can't miss in Ahmedabad-Week 1

"Amdavadis don't eat to live, they live to eat." We never compromise on food, we love- khaman, dhokla, fafda, thepla, khakhra. We have certainly made them our own all-time requisite accompanied with achaar, chutney, and so on. But for Amdavadis, food is about more than just these traditional dishes. We love exploring food, dining out. […]
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