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10 Interesting Ways To Redefine Maggi

"Mummy, bhukh Lagi hein, Maggi chahiye." Our go-to food phrase whenever we're hungry! We can never say no to Maggi, whether it's 3 AM or 3 PM, evening or morning, snack time or dinner time. Because our chemistry with Maggi is something, we are proud of! Hein na? Normally, we're all aware of making the […]
Maggi Recipes

5 Different Maggi Recipes To Try This Weekend!

Have you made any plans for the weekend? Noooooo! Still, two days are left for the weekend, to kuch na kuch plan ban hi jayega. Par nahi bana to? Then I have a great plan for you all. And I know that you'll definitely love it. How about calling your friends to your place on Sunday! Binge-watching […]
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