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Best Farali Feasts For Janmashtami

Be it Holi or Diwali, Navratri or Christmas, Onam or Janmashtami, Indians never fail to celebrate the festivals with energy and enthusiasm! The festive preparations are not just about getting clothes, going out with your loved ones and celebrating. One of the major part is the preparation of delightful delicacies during festivals which is indeed […]

Farsan You Cannot Miss Out On Janmashtami

Satam Atham ma to pata ramvano plan che!! August is full of festivities which in turn means a variety of lip-smacking delicacies. And as you all know that Janmashtami is around the corner, fill your kitchen with crispy snacks and farsan. So that you can make the most of this festival by playing cards along […]

Sweet Lovers' Guide For This Janmashtami

Make your this Janmashtami eat-list a sweet treat. Serve this hot and cold desserts to Lord Krishna and enjoy them with your family and friends. They are home-cook or easy to get on any sweet shops. We've got a list of Janmashtami sweets, they're:- 1. MALPUA This Indian pancake with sugar syrup is must to […]
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