Luna Wale Kaka – Stories of Kalupur

Idali Wada plate in hand

In the buzzing streets of Kalupur, you’ve seen people having food like Dal Pakwan, Aloo bhaji with puri, Idli Wada, etc during their day. From street-side stalls to hidden gems tucked away, Kalupur is a treasure trove of culinary delights to discover. From our recent exploration, we caught up on a heartfelt person selling Idli […]

Heritage Places to Eat Food in Ahmedabad

People worldwide celebrate World Heritage Day as a special day to appreciate the invaluable cultural and historical landmarks around the globe. Ahmedabad is one of the historic cities of India with a unique blend of Hindu , Muslim and Jain influences. As part of Ahmedabad being a historic city, let’s take a visit to some restaurants and traditional areas that are existing for a very long time […]