Ahmedabad’s Top 6 Baking Classes: Where Passion Meets Pastry

an image of baking cupcakes

Baking is an art that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also brings joy and creativity to our lives.  Whether you aspire to master the art of baking or simply wish to explore your creative side in the kitchen, these baking classes in Ahmedabad offer the perfect opportunity enhancing your baking skills to suit […]

Unique Kit-Kat Flavours Around the World

Kit Kat, the popular chocolate wafer bar, has been enjoyed by people all over the world for many years. While the classic milk chocolate flavor is a favorite among many, Kit Kat has introduced several unique flavors that are exclusive to certain countries.

Best Coffee Flavoured Desserts In Ahmedabad

“Do you drink coffee?” “Do I drink coffee? Nooo, I don’t drink coffee. COFFEE flows through my veins!” Thinking of the same when someone mentions coffee? If yes, then you are a huge coffee fan just like us! Coffee is the most pleasant way to kickstart your mornings and a relaxing end to a tiring […]

Delicious Summer Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Delicious Dessert on a plate

When summer heat strikes, nothing beats cooling off with a tasty, frozen dessert. Skip the guilt of sugary treats this season by indulging your sweet tooth with delicious yet healthier options.  We’ve rounded up refreshing dessert ideas perfect for patio parties or beating the heat at home. From fruity pastries to Italian gelato, these sweet […]

Ahmedabad’s Top Dessert Places To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

The first bite of our favorite dessert, and we go like, ‘Mogambo Khush Hua”. Yeh toh hum sabki kahaani hai, hai na? A lot of people experience sweet tooth and we’re already craving a gooey dessert dish, so we thought why not share Ahmedabad’s top dessert places with you all? Ahmedabad’s Top Dessert Places For […]

29 Desserts from 29 States in India

29 States 29 Desserts

India has a varied culture. As are the number of states so are the number of cultures and so are the number of dishes. Dishes vary with each other from state to state in Names, Recipes and many other styles. Desserts are the heart and soul of any occasion in Indian culture. The Indian States have […]