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The Costliest Chocolates You’ll Ever Come Across

Ever heard someone saying no to chocolates? Or someone saying that they absolutely dislike this versatile dessert? Rarely, right? Yes, we know that the world’s major population is fond of this delectable sweet. By the way, chocolate comes in a variety of flavors and forms which is not only delicious but it is also healthy in a few ways. They vary in terms of prices too, ie. it comes in very affordable to very expensive prices. Do you have a true dedication towards chocolates or are you chocolate devout? If yes, then you’d absolutely be willing to spend any amount to get some of the best-of-best chocolates in the world! Just like us, you’ll be surprised to know the kinds of expensive chocolates which are available in the world. We’re here with a list of the costliest chocolates you’ll ever come across. Sink your teeth into a flavorful world of these appetizing and inviting desserts!

1. Richart Chocolates

The Costliest Chocolates You'll Ever Come Across| Richart chocolates

The chocolates made by the Richart factory are managed by its 3rd generation today. They offer high-quality chocolates which are eye-pleasing and mouth-watering. Richart collections provide chocolates with fruits, spices, and other bold combinations. Price: $166 for an 81-piece box.

2. Le Chocolate Box

The Costliest Chocolates You'll Ever Come Across| Le chocolate box

The ultimate gift a woman would ever want to have! Le chocolate box collection is one of the world’s most expensive chocolates, designed by Semon jewelers. It is a delightful combination of dessert and jewelry. These gourmet chocolates are from Lake Forest Confections with a high price due to the inclusion of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other jewelry. Price: $1.5 million for one box!

3. Frrrozen Haute Chocolate

expensive desserts| Frrrozen haute chocolate

Frozen Haute Chocolates are another type of delectable and lavish desserts in the world. You’ll be amused to know that it has set a Guinness Record for the most expensive dessert. This toothful sweet consists of a 28-cocoa blend with five ounces of edible 23-karat gold served in a gold goblet lined with white diamonds. Astonished or not? Price: $25,000 for one chocolate sundae!

4. Amedei Porcelana Chocolate Box

The Costliest Chocolates You'll Ever Come Across| Amedei porcelana

Amedei Porcelana is a dark chocolate made by  Amedei chocolatier of Tuscany. This pretty and tasteful chocolate consists of Criollo and Trinitario cocoa beans, cane sugar, milk, and fruit. The company is well-known for using genetically-pure beans of cocoa which are almost translucent. Price: $90 for one bar!

5. Swaroski Studded Chocolates

The Costliest Chocolates You'll Ever Come Across| Swaroski studded chocolates

These 49 pieces of alluring Swaroski Studded chocolates were designed by Lebanese chocolatier Patchi and department-store-behemoth Harrods. These amusing dark chocolates are studded with Swaroski crystals and are dressed in gold and silk rose. These beautiful delicacies are then wrapped in Indian silk and placed in a leather box. Price: $10,000 for 49 pieces!

6. Cadbury Wispa Gold Chocolate Bar

expensive sweets| Cadbury wipsa gold chocolate bar

The very famous chocolate company created this heavenly dessert known as Cadbury Wispa Gold Chocolate Bar. This unique treat is made with premium ingredients such as Madagascan cocoa beans and wrapped in edible gold leaf. This luxurious chocolate bar seems to be more appealing as it is covered in edible gold leaf. Price: $1,600 for one bar!

7. Ganache Cien Blue Box

The Costliest Chocolates You'll Ever Come Across| Ganache cien blue box

Maribel Lieberman crafts the world-famous New York Holiday Chocolate Ganaches. The owner is also a famed chocolatier. This box of 100 handcrafted ganaches is a work of art! Did you know that even esteemed celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez, and Whoopi Goldberg are the fans of this beautiful box of handcrafted love! Price: $280 for a 100 piece box!

8. Vosges Haut Chocolate

kinds of expensive desserts| VOGES HAUT CHOCOLATE

The Chicago-based company, Vosges Haut Chocolate is owned by Katrina Markoff. She creates these delicious desserts in some incredibly unique flavors by adding some unusual ingredients to them. Markoff incorporates ingredients such as cinnamon, ginger, black sesame seeds, and wasabi into these chocolates. With this process, she comes up with exciting flavors.

9. Art Series Guayasamin

High-cost sweets

Art Series Guayasamin is the most valuable chocolates rather than the most expensive. This dark chocolate consists of 77% cacao beans. These cacao beans are rare and are aged for three years in a French oak cognac case. the end result is the exorbitant and beautiful bar of chocolate. Price: $450 per 50 grams.

10. La Madeline au Truffe

The exorbitant sweets| La Madeline au Truffle

The enticing La Madeline au Truffle is one of the premier creation of the famous Danish chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt. It is a French Perigord truffle, covered with Valrhona dark chocolate. This heavenly truffle has a fine coating of cocoa powder and is presented on a bed of sugar pearls. Price: $250 per truffle.We’re thrilled to know which among these chocolates is your favorite. Or which of these chocolates from the list of the costliest chocolates you’ll ever come across amuses you!

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