Kthiyawadi thali near dwarka temple

Top 9 Restaurants Near Dwarka Temple

Visiting the historic Dwarka Temple and feeling those hunger pangs?

We’ve got you covered! From mouth-watering local delicacies to delightful international cuisines, here are the top 9 restaurants near Dwarka Temple that you absolutely can’t miss. Let’s dive in and find your next favorite meal spot!

1. Shrinath Dining Hall

Famous Shrinath Dining Hall Dwarka restaurant known for its cuisine.

Down with a severe case of hunger? Run to Shrinath Dining Hall. This restaurant is so good that you may even have to wait for food. But when you taste their mouthwatering, unlimited Gujarati thali, that too at a reasonable price, the wait will have been well worth it.

This Incredible Unlimited Location Is Just 400 Meters From The Sacred Temple—A Worthwhile 5-minute Walk Away to satisfy your tastebuds.

Find Shrinath Dining Hall Near Shree Dwarkadhish Temple, Bhadrakali Rd, Dwarka, Gujarat 361335

Honest Foodie Review

Food: 5/5  |  Service: 5/5  |  Atmosphere: 4/5

The Shrinath Dining Hall is famous in Dwarka and gives unlimited Kathiavadi food for INR 170. They levy fines of INR 50 if you waste the food. So please do take care of the same. We went for dinner and had Rotlas, Chapath, Kitchdi, Kadi, Sabjis, Chaad, Pappad etc

2. Kamat Restaurant

Famous Kamat restaurant known for its cuisine.

Located on the ground floor of the luxury hotel VITS, Kamat Restaurant serves as the true counterpart of the luxury hotel. This restaurant offers a wide range of options, including South Indian, Chinese, and Misal Pav. Furthermore, their outstanding cuisine is still reasonably priced.

Honest Foodie Review

Food: 5/5  |  Service: 5/5  |  Atmosphere: 5/5

Recommended dishes Masala Papad, Chole Bhature Recommendation for vegetarians Highly recommend Vegetarian offerings Menu is all vegetarian

3. Purushottam Parotha House and Punjabi Restaurant

Famous Purushottam Dwarka restaurant known for its cuisine.

If you want to taste authentic Punjabi flavors and delicious parathas in Gujarat, then this must be added to your itinerary. This one is located near the bus pick-up point. It’s the perfect place if you are in a hurry and want to eat something yummy. With excellent food quality, comfortable seating arrangements, friendly staff, and impeccable cleanliness, this restaurant is highly recommended for you. Say your prayers at Dwarkadhish Temple, and then fill your stomach with tasteful food.

Honest Foodie Review

Dine in  |  Lunch  |  ₹200–400

Place is overly crowded and AC is not working! Food isn’t that great a taste to torture yourself, taste is slightly below average. Service is quick though, I must admit it. A guy asked us to sit on the same side of table so that he can push in more customers …now you can’t even sit as per ur wish! Humidity won’t let you breathe easy.
Vegetarian options: Below average taste
Parking: It’s hard to find parking here.

4. Atithi Restaurant

Famous Atithi restaurant known for its cuisine.

Atithi lives up to its name with its warm and welcoming staff. This restaurant is a combo of elegant ambiance and beautiful decor. Their delectable cuisine demonstrates how carefully they consider every detail to make each customer’s culinary experience truly unique.

Honest Foodie Review

Nice food. Good service. It is located near to the Dwarikesh Temple. Just opposite to the Shoe Centre and mobile locker. It is located on the first floor. Owner of the hotel is very cooperative and he can help us to hire auto for journey to Shivrajpur beach. Breakfast timings is 7 to 11 and lunch from 11 to 3 pm

5. Sudama Restaurant (Porbandarwala)

Famous Sudama Porbandarwala restaurant known for its cuisine.

Crave that delicious authentic Gujarati thali, or are you a visitor wishing for a total Gujarati experience? Well, Sudama Restaurant is the absolute go-to place for all your Gujarati food cravings. Also, they take care of hygiene and serve food on crystal-clear utensils. 

Honest Foodie Review

  • Tasty and flavorful food with a variety of options
  • Authentic Gujarati thali with unlimited servings
  • Hygienic and well-maintained utensils
  • Friendly and polite staff, providing excellent service
  • Affordable prices for the quality of food

6. Kant Dining Hall & Restaurant

Famous Kant Dining Hall Dwarka restaurant known for its cuisine.

Do you love Punjabi food, but your family loves Gujarati food? Or vice versa? Well, worry not! All your concerns will fade away at this wonderful place. Kant Dining Hall & Restaurant is known for its mouthwatering Gujarati and Punjabi food. Also, the cherry on top of the cake is that it is very affordable.

Honest Foodie Review

Food: 3/5  |  Service: 4/5  |  Atmosphere: 4/5

Recommended dishes Chhole Bhatura, Gujarati Thali, Tomato Salad Recommendation for vegetarians Somewhat recommend Vegetarian offerings Menu is all vegetarian, Large vegetarian selection Parking space Difficult to find parking Parking options Free street parking

7.Parivar Restaurant

Famous Parivar Dwarka restaurant known for its cuisine.

Good food and a good vibe with your “apne” are the best ways to describe this place. The Parivar restaurant has Instagram-worthy decor that complements its culinary delights. This is the place where you’ll want to sit with your family for hours. 

Honest Foodie Review

Dine in  |  Lunch  |  ₹100 – ₹200

This restaurant is very near to temple, not more than 70 mtr. It has a small set up but very good food, nice taste and clean place with very friendly staff. They serve Punjabi, Gujarati unlimited thali and Chinese food at lunch time.

8. Govinda Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Famous Govinda Multi Cuisine Restaurant known for its cuisine.

If you are always looking for food without onions & garlic or vegan, then here’s our top pick. Govinda Multi-Cuisine Restaurant is the go-to place for all your needs. It can be a place where you can get soothing coffee and satisfy your cravings. If you are a foodie, then you must not miss this place.  

Honest Foodie Review

Food: 5/5  |  Service: 5/5  |  Atmosphere: 5/5

After a long search in the streets of Dwarka, we found this great restaurant. They have a wide menu, and priced good.
The staff are very courteous and prompt. The ambience is nice.
It’s airconditioned. They accept payments via UPI & Cards.

9. Kathiyawadi Rasthal

Famous Kathiyawadi Rasthal, Dwarka restaurant known for its cuisine.

Need that traditional Kathiyawdi taste wherever you go? Check out Kathiyawadi Rasthal, a highly loved restaurant chain across Gujarat. Their fast service, combined with their amazing taste of food, creates an unforgettable experience. 

  • Your Kathiywadi taste buds will definitely thank you for this 10 minute walk of 550 metres to Kathiyawadi Rasthal. 
  • Find Kathiyawadi Rasthal near Shree Dwarkadhish temple Bhadrakali Rd, Dwarka, Gujarat 361335

Honest Foodie Review

Dine in  |  Lunch  |  ₹200–400

It’s a nice restaurant with varieties of quality vegetarian food. It is a bit close to the Dwarkadish temple as a result it is sometimes crowded (at least, the day I went there.) Therefore, the customer(s) need to wait for some minutes outside for those inside to be done. The food was yummy and it was my time to eat a complete Gujarati meal as lunch.

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