Twisted Pizza

Twisted Pizza – A Cheesy Delight With A Twist

Who doesn’t love pizza, everyone does right? Ooey gooey cheese, zesty sauce with soft crispy crust it’s definitely a favourite around here! But we’ve brought a twist in the story and you are gonna love it. The twist in the story is “Twist” in the pizza and hence the dish is called “Twisted pizza”.Now, this twisted pizza is actually a trend in foreign countries. It’s nothing but spiralized margarita pizza with different toppings of your choice.

You must be thinking where to have it in Ahmedabad?

So here we are with a new interesting place called Caffix – The Tech Cafe. We loved the twisted pizza they served. Actually, this is the only place where you can have twisted pizzas in Ahmedabad. They got two options:
  1. Cheese twists
  2. Chicken twists

We went for the Cheese twists! So let us dig you in between the multilayered pizza twisters with oozing cheese, olives and jalapenos, but first, take a look.

Yes, you see cheese! Not just on top but they add cheese on every layer as this pizza is made with multiple layers of thin pizza bases. Then it is converted into these twisted bites and served with hot yellow cheese on the top!When you see it on your table and you try to pull out a piece of it, this is what it feels like!

You found all the flavours bursting in your mouth, and you can’t do anything but eating this piece of heaven!! It’s even better if you are a fan of olives and jalapenos. It has an amazing flavour to this pizza!It is large enough to serve 3 people but in reality, we got so lost in it, that it didn’t even take 15 minutes by 2 of us to complete it!So in case, no one has told you today, you deserve lots of love and endless pizza! So have a nice one and do tell us the story of your taste buds after eating this! The guest authors, Jhalak Talati and Kausha Thaker are known as The Foodie Freaks. Check out their Instagram to follow their food exploration: @thefoodiefreaks

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