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7 Theme Based Places In Ahmedabad

Hello foodies, wassup? So today I’m here to tell something interesting about the cafes in Ahmedabad which are unique in one way or the other be it the concept, ambiance, food that makes it unique from the rest of the cafes. Most of the cafes will be known to you but still, we would like to brief you about why these cafes are different and the reason for its uniqueness. So here we have a list of the top 7 places with a unique concept in Ahmedabad.

1. Seva Cafe:

Seva Cafe: Ambiance | Places with Unique Concept In Ahmedabad
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Seva Cafe is one amongst the well-known cafes in Ahmedabad. Some of you might also know the reason behind the name of this cafe. But let me brief you once. This cafe is all about serving others without any expectations of returns. And the unique thing about this cafe is that they don’t give you the bill after you have finished with your dinner. You have to pay whatever amount you wish to pay. Such a beautiful concept!

2. The Jungle Bhookh:

Ambiance: The Jungle Bhookh | Places With Unique Concept In Ahmedabad
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As the name suggests The Jungle Bhookh, you might have got an idea about the concept. It is all about the jungle theme. So when you have lunch or dinner at this place, you’ll feel like you are amidst the jungle. The ambiance says it all as they have all decorated it according to the jungle theme.

3. Karma Cafe:

Karma Cafe: Ambiance | Places With Unique Concept In Ahmedabad
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Karma cafe is the hidden gem of Ahmedabad. The concept of this cafe is based on the preachings of Gandhiji so the name is Karma Cafe. They serve satvik bhojan in the cafe and also they have a library inside the cafe for all the book lovers. So a perfect combination of books along with light snacks.

4. Rajwadu:

Ambiance: Rajwadu | Places With Unique Concept In Ahmedabad
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A traditional place with the cultural feels of the Rajwadu. At this place, you can actually feel that you are amidst the village culture. The setup, the ambiance, the food, the atmosphere each and everything will remind you about the traditional culture of our city. A must visit place once for lunch or dinner.

5. The Project Cafe:

The Project Cafe: Ambiance | Places With Unique Concept In Ahmedabad
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The Project Cafe is a cafe with modern vibes as you can see the decor, it is more influenced by the western culture. And some of you might know this place as “The Yellow Bungalow”. The best thing is, it is not only serving the guests but they also have some cool stuff for everyone. So if you are planning to shop for something and enjoy delicious food, then this place is for you only!

6. Vintage Village:

Vintage Village: Ambiance | Places With Unique Concept In Ahmedabad
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Have you heard about a place with a vintage car museum? The Vintage Village is one such place. The entire place is just so unique in its own way. You can plan an entire day out at this place and can know about one more hidden gem of Ahmedabad. The decor over here is also village themed. Just like you have your meal by sitting on the floor, here also you can have lunch or dinner in the same way. One more unique place added onto your list!

7. Vishalla:

Vishalla: Ambiance | Places With Unique Concept In Ahmedabad
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Vishalla is also one amongst the unique places in Ahmedabad. As you can see the decor is again village theme based and the best part is that they use lanterns instead of lights, tree leaves for serving instead of plates and the entire seating is inside the hut. Sounds really interesting, right? So when are you planning to visit Vishalla? Do tell us in the comments section.To know more about this awesome city and the life of Hungrito in the city follow us on FacebookInstagram.

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