I Recently visited the Maninagar branch of VarieTea and I must say it was impressive. VarieTea isn’t exactly economical but the things it has to offer justifies its price range.

This place is your answer to questions like ‘Kya besi su‘, ‘Mane bau bhukh nathi‘ and ‘Kaik navu khau che‘. Thinking how it’d do that, let us take a look!

Starting with the decor, I really loved it. The place is bright spacious and makes you forget the usual hustle in Maninagar. It has a perfect space for meetings, office lunch or just to sit and chat with your friends. They stuck to being simple but yet they manage to make a statement with their interiors.

Source: Zomato

I have always been a big fan of the black plates and I would love to own a set of their crockery.


I was really happy with the food but not entirely satisfied with my experience.

We had the Butter Garlic Fries which speak for themselves. They are the perfect movie snack and I so wish they served these in the theatres.

Source: Chintan Thakkar

Then came the Cheesy Spinach Dip and Bread Nachos. I was in love with dip. It was the right amount of creamy, cheesy and green. I won’t say Bread Nachos were bad but they aren’t really my thing, so this one you can decide for your self.

Paneer Bhurji and Maska Bun was the next dish and I bow to the person who came up with it. I was skeptical about trying it out but once I did I couldn’t stop. I would say it is the perfect evening snack.

Instagram: @utsav.shah.16

Up next was the Calzone Pizza. I don’t have much to say about this dish. It was a pizza which was inside out. You will like it if you are pizza lover but TBH I have had better pizzas. I think it lacked stuffing.

Source: Chintan Thakkar

Thai Red Curry with Thai Rice was next dish on the table and individually I really liked the curry as well as the rice but together it really didn’t do the magic. It was an ordinary dish and probably weakest of everything we had.

Source: Chintan Thakkar

Oreo KitKat Mudpie was the dessert of the evening and it was like MSD finishing off with a six. It is the dessert which will console you after a bad break up and it is a dish which could lift your spirits. It was amazing and that’s all I can say about this wonderful cup of dessert.

Source: Chintan Thakkar

So go and enjoy at this place if and get back to us with your stories.

Chintan Thakkar aka the tummy man is a bigtime foodie, you can follow his food discoveries here: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter.

Chintan Thakkar
Author: Chintan Thakkar

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