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Top Veg Protein Food To Include In Your Diet

As we all know that the government has been running several programs to guide and give every citizen a healthy life. The IDA (Indian Dietetic Association) has observed that Indians have 50% inadequate protein pattern in their diet. To improve this, they have taken an initiative of The Protein Week (July 24 – 30) this year. If you’re confused in who you can overcome the protein deficiency and follow, here we give you a list of Veg protein food that won’t need any extra effort. We bet these dishes with veg protein food will satisfy your foodie soul, add adequate protein to your diet and you’ll love to continue the way it will get mixed in your normal life.

1. Beans

Mexican is one of the cuisines that use beans in their major recipes. Especially the ones who are not tempted by sweets, Mexican food would be a continuous love affair! These are a few places where you can find dishes accompanied with the goodness of different kinds of beans in Ahmedabad.

Where in Ahmedabad?

2. Chick Peas

If you’re a true Indian street food freak, then you can have your ‘Chole’  prepared in typical Indian spicy gravy with kulcha, paratha or as a chat with our favourite samosa.Where in Ahmedabad?

If you’re the one who likes to try different cuisines then you can go for hummus with bread, potatoes or any of your favourite boiled veggies.Where in Ahmedabad?

3. Oats

Eating oats are boring sometimes but eating healthy is also necessary. What if we tell you that there is a place in Ahmedabad which serves pancakes made of oatmeals? Can’t believe it? Go and check it out.


4. Almonds

We eat almonds in most of the sweets as an ingredient or as a part of its dressing but apart from that, You can always eat almonds raw or with a glass full of smoothies, as an ice cream or in the form of cake.

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5. Peanuts

Gujarat is famous for its handy snack ‘Khari Sing’ and there are also different ways in which this we can have these peanuts in a tastier way…

Where in Ahmedabad?

  • Peanut butter Danish burger at Salim Bhai
  • Banana and peanut butter cupcake at Cocoa drama
  • Raw and boiled peanuts at in small stalls all over Ahmedabad

6. Cottage Cheese

With its protein benefits, cottage cheese adds more to our health by providing vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals like calcium. It can also be used in most kinds of recipes, so go on and try out the dishes that suit your taste.

Where in Ahmedabad?

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