My Picks From The New Menu Of Whatta Waffle!, Ahmedabad

*Drumrolls* Summer is here and what’s better than one of the best dessert/waffle places in Ahmedabad coming out with new items on their menu!! The new entries are Refreshing and Delicious. Dollops of Nutella, fresh fruits, crispy, buttery pancakes, sweet treats..aaah it sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Well, it tastes even better. Waffles and pancakes are the ultimate comfort meal perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and the shakes go hand in hand with them. So get ready, this blog is about to enter the land of sweet treats: Whatta Waffle, Ahmedabad.

Some of my favorites’ from the Whatta Waffle!, Ahmedabad Menu are:

1.) KitKat Pancake:

Hands down to these creamy smooth delicious and chocolaty pancakes.

Kitkat pancake | Whatta Waffle, Ahmedabad.
Source: @foodchronicle__

2.) Oreo Waffle:

A perfectly made waffle, Crunchy on the outside and Soft inside. Topped with yummy whipped cream and Oreo biscuits.

oreo pancake | Whatta Waffle, Ahmedabad.
Source: @foodchronicle__

3.) The Dark White Mini Pancake:

The first flavor to unfold was the combination of the white and dark chocolate quickly followed by the delicate, buttery flavor of the pancake itself. This is heaven for dessert lovers.

Dark white Pancake | Whatta Waffle, Ahmedabad.
Source: @foodchronicle__

4.) White Chocolate Mini Pancakes:

Delicious Buttery pancakes covered in white chocolate topped with gems.

White Pancake | Whatta Waffle, Ahmedabad.
Source: @foodchronicle__

5.) Kiwi Pancake:

Delicious soft pancakes topped with melted dark chocolate, fresh kiwis, and chocolate chips.

kiwi pancake | Whatta Waffle, Ahmedabad
Source: @foodchronicle__

6.) Mocha Frappe:

This new entry is somewhere between a cold coffee and shakes, perfect balance of sweetness.

Mocha Frappe | Whatta Waffle, Ahmedabad.
Source: @foodchronicle__

7.) Mango Shake:

Fine and fresh mango milkshake with whipped cream and fresh cut mango pieces.

mango milkshake | Whatta Waffle, Ahmedabad
Source: @foodchronicle__

8.) Strawberry Oreo Shake:

The sweetness of strawberries and crunchy Oreos make this a fun drink to get refreshed! One of my favorite from the new menu.

strawberry oreo shake | Whatta Waffle Ahmedabad
Source: @foodchronicle__

Go try them all out and tell me which of these you found to be the best at Whatta Waffle!, Ahmedabad.

Hemal Purani is a big time foodie and you can follow her food discoveries here: @thefoodchronicle__

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