Winter Places In Ahmedabad

Essential Winter Dishes In Ahmedabad That You Need To Try

As the temperature tips and fog sets, we keep warm by digging into piping hot and fattening food that makes sure to keep those winter blues at bay. No wonder that in India we eagerly wait for winters to make our favourite seasonal dishes, like a hot bowl of Gajar ka halwa cooked with fresh red carrots or bite into ghee laden parathas. Every region has their own specials too. Let’s check out some winter dishes in Ahmedabad that you need to try.

1. Sarso Da Saag Aur Makke Ki Roti

Sarso Da Saag Aur Makke Di Roti | Winter Food In Ahmedabad
Source: Richa Joshi

The popular traditional Punjabi dish made in the winters. It’s best paired with Makke Di Roti butter and jaggery. It is packed with multiple nutritional benefits.Where To Try: Nini’s Kitchen

2. Hot Chocolate

 Hot Chocolate | Winter Food In Ahmedabad
Zomato: Deep
Hot chocolate is a wintertime staple. Happiness is when you get the creamiest, thickest most luxurious hot chocolate made up of actual cocoa powder and vanilla.

Where To Try: Mocha, The Dark Roast

3. Bajra Roti Aur Baingan Ka Bharta

Bajra Roti Aur Baingan Ka Bharta | Winter Food In Ahmedabad
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They are all time winter favourite food. It tastes best with crystal clear hot ghee with jaggery and lahsun ki Chatni to satisfied your taste buds.Where To Try: Shree Marutinandan

4. Hot Pancakes

Hot Pancakes | Winter Food In Ahmedabad
Source: Dimple Thawani

It’s a trend nowadays in Ahmedabad, isn’t it? Pancakes are deliciously mouth watering, ranging from Nutella pancakes to maple syrup topped, from chocolate chips to mixed fruit. It comes with any possible fillings and toppings of your choice.Where To Try: Bubble Pop Pancakes, Turi’s Pancakes

5. Spicy Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are available in abundance during winters. Some like it to roast, some like it spiced but most love this cooked along with spices.Where To Try: Parimal Garden Street

6. Hot Beverages

Ginger tea and strong coffee are just winter things. There are plenty of cafes and tea rooms where you can get this but having it from roadside Vendor and Dhaba is more satisfying.Where To Try: Khetla Aapa Tea Stall, Lucky Tea Stall

7. Soups

Soups | Winter Food In Ahmedabad
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Soups are healthy bowls of vegetables and spices which will keep the winter blues away. There are a variety of soups available here in Ahmedabad which is a must try.Where To Try: Parimal Garden, Vastrapur Lake Garden, Law Garden.

8. Vagharelo Rotlo

Vagharelo Rotlo | Winter Food In Ahmedabad
Zomato: Disha Doshi

For most of the Gujaratis, vagharelo rotlo is very popular and most of them have it in winter which is the best time to have it.Where To Try: Shree Marutinandan

9. Undhiyu

Undhiyu | Winter Food In Ahmedabad
Source: Zomato

This is our favourite dish, mostly famous for Uttarayan and you’ll definitely love it if you try once. It is a mixture of all the vegetables, beans, spices and lots of yumminess.Where To Try: Gordhan Thaal, AnnkutSome items we don’t need to mention like Gajar ka halwa because it is best when it is made up of Maa Ke Haath Ka, another thing to have is HL wali hot Maggie butter tadka wali and we love that! If you are a sev usal fan, then go for it.All you need is lots of love and pamper your taste buds and stomach with this delicious mouth-watering dishes for the winter food in Ahmedabad.The guest authors, Jhalak Talati and Kausha Thaker are known as The Foodie Freaks. Check out their Instagram to follow their food exploration: @thefoodiefreaks