Roll-up in a soft bread with yummylicious fillings – Enjoy something super healthy with these vegetarian wraps. Wraps are an all time favorite and super pocket friendly with the perfect amount of sauces and spices to compel you to order them every time. So, we are here with best solution for all your hunger problems. Check out these best wraps in Ahmedabad that will make you crave for them instantly!

6 Best Places For Wraps in Ahmedabad

1. Freezeland

5 Best Places For Tasting Mouth Watering Wraps in Ahmedabad
Source: Hungryhead_ahm

Who else has their new years resolution of eating better? Freezeland has amazing options to help you out. I’ve picked my favorite from the menu, MEXICAN WRAP- Wrapped up with capsicum, onion, kidney beans and mayo with just the right amount of flavorful spices.

2. Ristretto – Behind The Rods

5 Best Places For Tasting Mouth Watering Wraps in Ahmedabad
Source: hungryhead_ahm

Stop by, to dig your teeth into the delicious wraps. The wraps here are among the best in the city. Presentation and their style of serving is very exclusive and creative. The best part is, it’s finger licking food. Ristretto wrap is one of the best I’ve had in Ahmedabad. Its soft, warm and served with veggies.

3. M.L.F Franco

5 Best Places For Tasting Mouth Watering Wraps in Ahmedabad
Source: Hungryhead_ahm

Whenever one talks about Frankies the name M.F.L Franco at HL comes in mind. They serve close to 40 varieties there, and most importantly they fit into everyone’s budget too. The quantity of these frankies is enough to fuel down your hunger. They serve vegetarian frankies only.

4. Nini’s Kitchen

Source: Hungryhead_ahm

Undoubtedly, a great restaurant in town, they surely know how to serve lip smacking meals on a budget. Must say I’m in love with Nini’s wraps. They’ve only got five types of rolls for you to pick from, and they’re all so damn delicious! I drop in whenever I’m in the mood for something quick but filling.

5. Faasos

Source: Zomato

Faasos is a good option for people who avoid eating ‘maida’. They serve wheat based roti. Faasos special wrap in veg is cheese melt paneer wrap. Serving the best and delicious wraps with a huge variety in both veg and non-veg rolls.

6. The Café Baraco

Source: Zomato

Want to bite into the heaven of yummy dishes in Ahmedabad? I highly recommend this one for someone who is tired of all the usual, boring rolls. One must try their ‘On the rock’ wrap. The wrap tasted amazing! I’d definitely go again and get the same.

These were the best wraps in Ahmedabad that you must try out for veggie-filled wrap experiences.

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