Yoga and food: Together forever!

Integrate a habit of adding nourishing food practices to avail the best results from yoga. Considering to follow yogic values into our kitchen, one can create a pathway to kindle the soul with food. This helps to connect and form a moment of peace among ourselves, each other and life. Our food practices only help us to empower the health and growth of the mind and body responsibly. Once you start with “yoga”, to get back on track and speed up the process, you can start with introducing certain cleansing food into your diet which may help you to detox your body. The cleansing food is usually full of nutrients, antioxidants, and fibers. They help your body to reduce the impurities and maintain the health of the liver. The list of various food items that are rich in nutrients are as follows:

1. Avocados

avacado| vegetables| raw food| yoga benefits| healthy food2. Beet

Beet root| vegetables| for yoga| international yoga day| yoga and food 3. Broccoli

brocolli| vegetables| yoga day| benefits of yoga| yoga and health 4. Brussels sprouts

brussels sprouts| sprouts| yoga |healthy| benefits| yoga day| food 5. Cabbage

cabbage| food| vegetables| veggies| green | leafy 6. Cauliflower

cauli flower| vegetables| healthy benefit| yoga and food| yoga day

7. Eggs

eggs| egg| yoga day| yoga food| diet food

8. Green tea

green tea| warm drinks| water based drinks| yoga | healthy living 9. Garlic

garlic| detox diet| healthy living|essence of food 10. Lemon lemon| vegetables| fruit| yellow|sour fruit| yoga diet

There are many more food items which may help you to detox your body, the list goes on and on. You can always start with adding at least a single one out of these into your daily diet. And, above all, you will feel highly energized and decreased bloating. This may help you to reduce the unwanted calories you gain, thus making your skin shine.

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