Veg Biryani in Hyderabad : 7 Finest Restaurants

an image of Charminar, Hyderabad

Have you ever wondered where you can find delicious veg Biryani? Don’t worry. We have got you covered!! Hyderabad, popularly referred to as the Nizams’ capital, is well-known for its illustrious cultural past and, most notably, its delectable biryani. From classic to modern variations, Hyderabad has a vast range of biryani restaurants that may please […]

6 Places Serving The Best Biryani In Ahmedabad

Biryani is a famous dish made from rice with traditional recipes across India. Every other state has its own process of preparing a perfect Biryani. The various types include Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, Malabar, Ambur, Bhatakli and much more. But being a Biryani lover in Ahmedabad I know you guys can definitely feel the efforts that go […]