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Have You Tried These Delicious Beverages In Ahmedabad ?

Hello, everyone! After my some attempts of trying beverages here and there, I’m covering up some of the delicious beverages in Ahmedabad to make your task a bit easier.

1. Hot Chocolate

“Tea or Coffee?” “Well, Hot Chocolate!”That would be my answer if I had been asked this question.

Well, where people are serving Bornvita in the name of Hot Chocolate, including 3-stars (let’s not name them). There is one and the only spot in Ahmedabad where I love to go & order Hot Chocolate again & again that is The Mad House Cafe.
beverages in ahmedbad
Source: Ismail Lakhani
This Hot Chocolate is literally, a BLISS.

2. Cafe Latte

Latte is love, ain’t it? Well let me name two places of Ahmedabad where you can get high on Latte :
bevrages in ahmedabad
Source: Saumil Raval
Though All the Perks wins in this battle!

3. Tea

For me Midnight means Tea & you got to have a mind-blowing cup of tea in your hand if you want to discuss anything with your buddies.
Let me take you again to two places for Tea in Ahmedabad, KhetlaAapa Tea Stall & Moti Mahal Restaurant. I can’t decide the majority of the times, which is better but trust me both are impressive.
beverages in ahmedabad
Source: Aditya Pathak
P.S.: Prefer whichever is nearer to you, both are The Best.

4. Ice Tea

There are days when you can’t decide whether you are happy or sad, similarly, there are days when you can’t decide between Tea or Coffee & that’s when I go for an IceTea. Just go for Lemon IceTea at Cafe Where We Meet & they will sort out everything.
beverages in ahmedabad
Source: Pooja Ramakrishnan

5. Bonus

Well, I am suggesting few specific items to try in beverages apart from the things I mentioned above.
beverages in ahmedabad
Source: Ismail Lakhani
  • Badam Shake At Prem Mevad
  • Jamun & Guava Shots  At 9834 The Food Truck
  • beverages in ahmedabad
    Source: Harshini Dudani
  • Ferrero Shake At Chocobell
  • beverages in ahmedabad
    Source: Ismail Lakhani
    • Cold Coffee At Danny’s
    Source: Dinesh Gundesha

    Do try these beverages and let us know which one do you like the most!The guest author, Ismail Lakhani is a big foodie. Check out his Instagram to follow his food exploration: @ismail1407

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