50 Shades of Summer | Strawberry Picking in Bangalore

Summer in Bangalore is for a blizzard of unique experiences. Say no to the constant boredom and lazy mornings and run to its warm calls. But what can you do in the Bengaluru Summer?

Strawberry Picking is a warm experience that literally embodies the warm and bright nature of summer. Moreover, Bangalore’s not so hot weather makes Bangalore the perfect place for Strawberry picking.

When to Go Strawberry Picking in Bangalore?

In Bangalore, the strawberry season arrives like a sweet, fleeting gift each year from late January through March. These months provide a delightful window when the fields burst into vivid life, allowing berry lovers to experience strawberry picking at its absolute finest.

While some farms might offer limited strawberry picking in the later part of January, it’s February and March that provide the true peak conditions. 

Strawberry Picking in Bangalore: Lush Berry Haven

As February’s warm embrace settles over the plush green rows, you’ll discover the first ruby treasures peeking out from beneath the leaves. Small but incredibly flavorful, these early berries hold the perfect balance of sweet and tart notes that make your tastebuds sing. 

By March, the plants are heavy with larger, juicier orbs that seem to glow with ripeness. Pluck one of these gems from the vine and you’ll be rewarded with an explosive punch of sweetness and an aroma so intoxicating, you’ll soon be drunk on strawberry bliss.

While a few daring farms may offer limited strawberry picking in the fringe months before or after this prime window, it’s the late January-March stretch that provides the ultimate, can’t-miss conditions. The air is perfumed with the scent of sun-warmed berries, and the fields are at their plump, ripe, photogenic peak.

So whether you visit in those first fired-up days of late January or luxuriate among the berry-laden rows in March’s final throes, wandering the strawberry patches during this heavenly window is an experience you’ll yearn to relive. Just consult local farms to sync up with their exact harvesting schedules and prepare to lose yourself in Bangalore’s fleeting strawberry dream.

Where to Go Strawberry Picking in Bangalore?

Best Bangalore Strawberry Picking Spots: Ripe Berry Fun Awaits!

Bangalore boasts a couple of fantastic strawberry farms. Here are two of the popular picks:

Wholesome Farms, Chikkaballapur

Escape to a Berry Paradise Near Bangalore

Attention all fans of strawberries! Are you yearning for the delicious sweetness of sun-ripened fruit and a distinctive experience that goes beyond the typical grocery store offerings? Wholesome Farms, a sanctuary spanning 20 acres for those who adore berries, is located only 60 kilometres away from Bangalore’s hustle and bustle in Marathi Palya.

Sustainable Sweetness Awaits

  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Wholesome Farms prioritises sustainable practices, ensuring a thriving ecosystem and the freshest, most delectable berries bursting with natural goodness (check their website for details on their commitment).
  • Pick-Your-Own Adventure: Imagine the juicy satisfaction of selecting your own perfect berry – a taste of summer sunshine captured in every bite!

Unleash Your Inner Berry Hunter!

  • Budget-Friendly Fun: Entry fees are budget-friendly (Rs. 100, free for children under 3) for a delightful adventure into a vibrant red paradise.
  • Berry Bounty at Your Fingertips: Scout for the ripest treasures, remembering to pick responsibly – take only what your heart (and stomach) desires! Each kilogram of your harvest is priced at Rs. 400.

Experiences Offered

  • Strawberry Picking (Rs. 200 per person): Immerse yourself in the joy of Strawberry Picking at just Rs. 200 per person. Wander through our lush fields, handpicking the freshest, juiciest strawberries. It’s a perfect blend of nature’s bounty and family fun, ideal for all ages. Come, experience the simple pleasure of harvesting your own sweet delights!
  • Strawberry Picking + Kayaking + 18 Hole Mini Golf (Rs. 799 per person): Want to have more fun with Strawberry picking then savor the adventure with serene Kayaking and challenge yourself at our 18-Hole Mini Golf. A day of water fun and playful golfing awaits.

Plan Your Berry-licious Escape

  • Picking Sessions: Wholesome Farms offers two picking sessions daily: Mornings (8 am – 10 am) and afternoons (12 pm – 2 pm)
  • Allow Ample Time: Expect to spend 1.5 to 2 hours exploring, filling your basket (and maybe indulging in a few juicy bites!).
  • Restroom Available: Restrooms are conveniently located on-site.
  • Bring Your Picnic: While dedicated picnic facilities are unavailable, consider packing a light picnic lunch to enjoy amidst the scenic beauty. Remember responsible picnicking – bring your own trash bags to keep the farm pristine!

Insider Tip: Book Your Berry Bliss! (Limited Spots Available)

Weekends are prime berry-picking time! To ensure a comfortable experience, booking your slot online in advance is highly recommended as they limit daily visitors (100 max).

Book Your Escapade now: http://www.wholesomefarms.in/

Location: NH7, Karnataka 561207

The Bangalore Berry Company, KMC Farms 

Escape the Concrete Jungle & Savour Sunshine-Kissed Berries at The Bangalore Berry Company!

Attention all those who dream of berries! Craving some sunlight and a peaceful getaway from the busy city life? The Bangalore Berry Company calls out – a peaceful sanctuary spread across 20 acres just on the outskirts of Bangalore’s bustling city centre. 

You have the opportunity to break away from the routine of shopping at the supermarket and instead reconnect with nature by participating in the delightful activity of U-Pick berry picking.

Seasonal Delights Await Your Touch

Imagine the pure satisfaction of handpicking your own perfect berry, warm from the sunshine and bursting with flavor. The Bangalore Berry Company prioritizes sustainable farming practices, ensuring a healthy environment for their berries. 

Depending on the season, you might discover a treasure trove of:

  • Luscious Murano strawberries: Renowned for their intense flavor and intoxicating aroma, these berries are a true treat for your senses.
  • And a bounty of other seasonal delights! Explore the fields and see what nature has in store for you.

Become a Berry Hunter for a Day

Let your inner child loose and embark on a berry-picking adventure! Explore vibrant fields overflowing with ripe berries just waiting to be discovered. It’s a perfect activity for all ages, a chance to create lasting memories with family and friends.

Choose Your Berrylicious Escape

  • Rajenahalli Farm (Rs. 599): This expansive farm offers ample space for exploration and unforgettable berry picking memories.
  • Thimmanayakanahalli Farm (Rs. 299): Enjoy a more budget-friendly adventure at this charming farm, perfect for families or berry beginners.

Plan Your Berry Bliss

  • Picking Sessions: Picking sessions run throughout the day, but specific timings may vary. Check their website for the latest schedule.
  • Allow Ample Time: Set aside 1.5 to 2 hours to explore, fill your basket with sunshine-kissed berries (and sneak a few juicy bites!), and soak up the fresh air.
  • Amenities: Restrooms are conveniently located on-site for your comfort.
  • Picnics Welcome: While dedicated picnic areas aren’t available, feel free to pack a light lunch to enjoy amidst the scenic beauty. Remember responsible picnicking – bring your own trash bags to keep the farm pristine!

Limited Spots Available!

Weekends and holidays are prime berry picking times. Booking your slot online in advance is highly recommended to ensure a comfortable experience.

Beyond the Berries!

The Bangalore Berry Company is constantly growing! Keep an eye on their website for exciting future plans, which may include farm tours and educational workshops.

Book Your Escapade now: https://www.thebangaloreberrycompany.in/

Location: KMC Farms, Rajenahalli, Karnataka 563137

Location: Seethahalli, Karnataka 563137

Tips For Strawberry Picking | What to Expect on Your Strawberry Picking Adventure

Embark on a berrylicious adventure: Strawberry Picking in Bangalore awaits!

Here is what you can expect during your strawberry picking shenanigans:

Picking Tips

Most farms will give you a basket and some pointers on how to choose the perfect strawberry. Look for the ones with a deep red color, those are the sweetest and juiciest. And remember, when you pick them, hold the stem gently so you don’t damage the plant.

  • Plan Your Visit: Strawberry season in Bangalore typically falls between November and March. Call the farms in advance to confirm timings and availability for picking. Weekdays are generally less crowded than weekends.
  • Dress comfortably: Opt for clothes and shoes suitable for navigating a farm environment.
  • Sun protection is key: Pack sunscreen and a hat, especially during the afternoon sun.
  • Stay hydrated: Carry plenty of water, particularly during the warmer months.
  • Be gentle: Harvest the strawberries with care to avoid damaging the plants.

Creating memories

Picking strawberries in Bangalore involves more than just obtaining tasty fruit. It provides an opportunity to commune with nature, make lasting memories with family and friends, and enjoy the delight of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. Ideal for families, couples, or individuals seeking a enjoyable and informative getaway from urban life.

Beyond the Picking

Certain farms provide an additional level of enjoyment for visitors. You could discover a farm tour to understand the process of strawberry growth, or find a charming cafe to savor drinks and snacks made with freshly picked berries. Discuss the freshness of food directly from the farm to the dining table!


While Bangalore enjoys the warmth of summer, take advantage of the season’s best activity – picking strawberries! From the taste of fresh produce to enjoyable activities for the whole family, it’s a getaway that creates lasting memories for everyone. Select your farm, schedule your trip, and prepare yourself to enjoy the flavors of summer enchantment!

Sunshine + fresh berries = summer magic in Bangalore! Dive into strawberry picking in Bangalore for a memory-making escape, soaking up sunshine and creating memories that last!

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