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Okha–Beyt Dwarka Signature Bridge | Restaurants Near Temple

The Dwarka Temple holds a special place in the hearts of pilgrims across India. It’s among the four Char Dham Destinations, the most sacred in Hindu tradition.

For a long time, a trip to the holy island of Beyt Dwarka was difficult for devotees. To get there, travellers sailed for hours across the Arabian Sea. These boat trips were tiring, problematic, and costly. But now there is an easier way to reach Beyt Dwarka because of an amazing new bridge.

Longest Signature Bridge linking Okha Beyt Dwarka's historic connection.

Introducing India’s Longest Cable-Stayed Bridge

Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the iconic Okha-Beyt Dwarka Signature Bridge on February 25, 2024. This cable-stayed bridge took five years and 978 crore rupees to complete, extending 2.5 kilometers over the sea. Nowadays, people refer to it as India’s Longest Cable-Stayed Bridge.

PM Modi’s Special Ceremony

On the day the bridge opened, PM Modi did something remarkable. He went scuba diving in Dwarka bay to see a unique sight. Underwater, he viewed the remains of an ancient drowned city. Then near the submerged ruins, Mr. Modi offered special prayers. This ceremony honored the bridge while connecting to India’s deep history.

Now, thanks to this engineering achievement more people can easily access Beyt Dwarka and its famous temples. The Modi government has helped create this vital cross-sea connection for travellers and devotees alike. The opening ceremony was very special, but the real impact will be felt by all who now journey to Beyt Dwarka with ease across this signature bridge.

Top 3 Must-Visit Destinations in Beyt Dwarka

Hanuman Dandi Temple

Five kilometers east of the Beyt Dwarka main Sri Krishna temple there is a magnificent and unique temple for Lord Hanuman. It is more popularly known as Dandi Hanuman Temple. How this temple is unique is more interesting.

To know how unique the temple is, let us take a brief stroll into the mythological lanes of Ramayana.While there are many version about Ahi Ravan, Mahi Ravan and Makaradwaj the following descriptions of Sri Ahi Ravan and Mahi Ravan is unique to the Maharashtra Bajanasampradhaya especially followers of Sri Aanantha Dhanaya Deva.

One can see a club placed between them. It seems there is no need for the club here. Sri Hanuman in relaxed and joyous mood, Sri Makaradwaj is also seen enjoying what he is doing and relaxed. There is no club or any other weapon in the hands of these two.

In Gujarat the joyous mood, merry and melancholy are expressed with ‘Dandi’. It is no wonder that this temple where Sri Hanuman and Sri Makaradwaj are virajman is called ‘Dandi Hanuman’, meaning joyous Hanuman.

Shri Keshavraiji Temple Main Gate

Shri Keshavraiji Temple is located on an island Bet Dwarka, in Gujarat, India. It is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Krishna which was built by the Pushkarna Brahmin community.

It is situated near holy lake “Shankh Sarovar” which is 1km from Beyt Jetty and Dwarkadhish Temple. Bet Dwarka is famous for its temples dedicated to Lord Krishna and is of great importance in the ancient Hindu tradition.

Gurudwara Beyt Dwarka

Guru Govindsinh’s most lovable brother Mohakamsinhji’s homeland is in Bet Dwarka. This gurdwara is constructed on his karmabhumima. In 1999, the Gujarat government had held recall travel from Gujarat to Punjab.

At the time of Sikh religion’s Khalsa sect tercentenary festival Many events were held throughout the state. From this way, Bet Dwarka includes Many Shrines (Dharamsthals) like Hindu’s Dwarkadhis temple, Vaishanav’s Hanuman temple, Muslim’s Hajipir and Kirmani and Sikh’s Mohkamji’s Gurudwara.

It is the birth place of Bhai Mohkam Singh, one of the Panj piaras of Guru Gobind Singh. Guru Nanak has also visited this place. You reach this island through a ferry from Okha Gujarat. It is a huge Gurdwara with good arrangements for free food in Langar (community kitchen) and free accommodation for pilgrims and visitor.

Annual fair in the memory of Bhai Mohkam Singh is held in the month of March which is attended by a large number of devotees from all places of Gujrat and Punjab. It is a worth visiting place.

This gurudwara is dedicated to Bhai Mohan jee as It is the birth place of Bhai Mohankam jee. Gurunanak jee has also visited the holy Land of Dwarka while commuting to Baghdad. It is somewhat far from the main bet Dwarka temple. Gurudwara premises is very much neat and clean.

A Bridge That Connects More Than Just Lands

Sunrise at Okha–Beyt Dwarka Bridge site.

This new cable-stayed bridge links the sacred Beyt Dwarka Island and the busy town of Okha. It makes travel easier for over 15,000 islanders and two million annual temple visitors. But this bridge does more than cross over water – it joins dreams, communities, and opportunities.

Shorter Trips

Before the bridge, people had to sail for hours. Dangerous during storms! Now the journey is safer and faster – just an hour by road. Students can go to school in Okha with less hassle. Sick people find help at city hospitals quicker.

Culture and Nature

The solar-powered bridge shows India’s culture through holy scripture quotes and Lord Krishna’s images. Viewing platforms let people gaze at Dwarka’s natural scenery pretty water and sky.

Tourism and Jobs

The unique bridge draws more tourists to Dwarka’s famous temples. More visitors means more jobs and money for local businesses. Okha’s port will expand too.

Unity and Hope

This bridge is not only concrete and wires – it connects different groups of people. Where once water divided communities, now there are plans and dreams for a better future together. The bridge shows India building impressive things to help its people.

The Best Restaurants Near Dwarka Temple

A. Shrinath Dining Hall

Famous Shrinath Dining Hall Dwarka restaurant known for its cuisine.

Down with a severe case of hunger? Run to Shrinath Dining Hall. This restaurant is so good that you may even have to wait for food. But when you taste their mouthwatering, unlimited Gujarati thali, that too at a reasonable price, the wait will have been well worth it.

  • This Incredible Unlimited Location Is Just 400 Meters From The Sacred Temple—A Worthwhile 5-minute Walk Away to satisfy your tastebuds.
  • Find Shrinath Dining Hall Near Shree Dwarkadhish Temple,Bhadrakali Rd, Dwarka, Gujarat 361335

B. Kamat Restaurant

Famous Kamat restaurant known for its cuisine.

Located on the ground floor of the luxury hotel VITS, Kamat Restaurant serves as the true counterpart of the luxury hotel. This restaurant offers a wide range of options, including South Indian, Chinese, and Misal Pav. Furthermore, their outstanding cuisine is still reasonably priced.

C. Purushottam Parotha House and Punjabi Restaurant

Famous Purushottam Dwarka restaurant known for its cuisine.

If you want to taste authentic Punjabi flavors and delicious parathas in Gujarat, then this must be added to your itinerary. This one is located near the bus pick-up point. It’s the perfect place if you are in a hurry and want to eat something yummy. With excellent food quality, comfortable seating arrangements, friendly staff, and impeccable cleanliness, this restaurant is highly recommended for you. Say your prayers at Dwarkadhish Temple, and then fill your stomach with tasteful food.

D. Atithi Restaurant

Famous Atithi restaurant known for its cuisine.

Atithi lives up to its name with its warm and welcoming staff. This restaurant is a combo of elegant ambiance and beautiful decor. Their delectable cuisine demonstrates how carefully they consider every detail to make each customer’s culinary experience truly unique.

E. Sudama Restaurant (Porbandarwala)

Famous Sudama Porbandarwala restaurant known for its cuisine.

Crave that delicious authentic Gujarati thali, or are you a visitor wishing for a total Gujarati experience? Well, Sudama Restaurant is the absolute go-to place for all your Gujarati food cravings. Also, they take care of hygiene and serve food on crystal-clear utensils. 

F. Kant Dining Hall & Restaurant

Famous Kant Dining Hall Dwarka restaurant known for its cuisine.

Do you love Punjabi food, but your family loves Gujarati food? Or vice versa? Well, worry not! All your concerns will fade away at this wonderful place. Kant Dining Hall & Restaurant is known for its mouthwatering Gujarati and Punjabi food. Also, the cherry on top of the cake is that it is very affordable.

G.Parivar Restaurant

Famous Parivar Dwarka restaurant known for its cuisine.

Good food and a good vibe with your “apne” are the best ways to describe this place. The Parivar restaurant has Instagram-worthy decor that complements its culinary delights. This is the place where you’ll want to sit with your family for hours. 

H. Govinda Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Famous Govinda Multi Cuisine Restaurant known for its cuisine.

If you are always looking for food without onions & garlic or vegan, then here’s our top pick. Govinda Multi-Cuisine Restaurant is the go-to place for all your needs. It can be a place where you can get soothing coffee and satisfy your cravings. If you are a foodie, then you must not miss this place.  

I. Kathiyawadi Rasthal

Famous Kathiyawadi Rasthal, Dwarka restaurant known for its cuisine.

Need that traditional Kathiyawdi taste wherever you go? Check out Kathiyawadi Rasthal, a highly loved restaurant chain across Gujarat. Their fast service, combined with their amazing taste of food, creates an unforgettable experience. 

  • Your Kathiywadi taste buds will definitely thank you for this 10 minute walk of 550 metres to Kathiyawadi Rasthal. 
  • Find Kathiyawadi Rasthal near Shree Dwarkadhish temple Bhadrakali Rd, Dwarka, Gujarat 361335

Testament of tourists at Dwarka speaking with ANI, 

This bridge, which will be a gift to the people of Gujarat by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will benefit us in a lot of ways. It will boost tourism, save us time and would also boost our access to quality healthcare with the development of public infrastructure. Tourists who once sailed 5 hours on boats to Beyt Dwarka can now straightaway take the bridge. It will cut down their travel time by 3 hours.

The bridge will serve as an effective and sustainable option for those who are unable to afford boat cruises. It would enable and facilitate transportation of locals, who often have to navigate many challenges while commuting at night.” 

Wrap up…

In the heart of Dwarka lies the Okha–Beyt Dwarka Signature Bridge, a modern marvel bridging past and future. More than just a structure, it’s a lifeline for pilgrims, easing their journeys to the sacred Beyt Dwarka island. As we explore the treasures of Beyt Dwarka, from the Hanuman Dandi Temple to the Keshavraiji Temple and the Gurudwara Beyt Dwarka, we’re immersed in ancient lore and spiritual reverence.
Let’s honor the enduring legacy of Krishna’s lore in this sacred land of Dwarka, where faith and tradition intertwine seamlessly.


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