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Foreign food dishes| Feature image

7 ​​Food Items That Are Actually Firangi

Hey dear foodies, Are you someone who absolutely loves the basic Indian food dishes and desserts? Those comfort food platters and indulging sweets such as gulab jamuns and jalebis? We bet that you are not gonna deny the fact that you love it all! And we believe you, by all means! As Indians and food, […]
Canned/tinned mithai| Feature image

7 Best-Canned Sweets You Can Buy Now

Hello dear foodies, Do you have a sweet tooth? Or are you fond of sweets that would truly melt in your mouth and leave a heavenly impact on your taste buds? If you nodded your head in affirmation then do try the sweets named below and thanks us later. All of these sweets are now […]

Sweet Lovers' Guide For This Janmashtami

Make your this Janmashtami eat-list a sweet treat. Serve this hot and cold desserts to Lord Krishna and enjoy them with your family and friends. They are home-cook or easy to get on any sweet shops. We've got a list of Janmashtami sweets, they're:- 1. MALPUA This Indian pancake with sugar syrup is must to […]
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