Late-Night Cravings? Try These 6 Irresistible Munching Delights

Woman craving for pizza at late night

Hey, night owls!! Are you one of those creatures who finds peace in the darkness and is always on the lookout for some munching delights at night?  Well, worry no more! I’ve got your back with a lineup of the absolute best munching delights as a companion for your late night cravings.  1. Popcorn – The […]

Luna Wale Kaka – Stories of Kalupur

Idali Wada plate in hand

In the buzzing streets of Kalupur, you’ve seen people having food like Dal Pakwan, Aloo bhaji with puri, Idli Wada, etc during their day. From street-side stalls to hidden gems tucked away, Kalupur is a treasure trove of culinary delights to discover. From our recent exploration, we caught up on a heartfelt person selling Idli […]

International Yoga Day : A Day for Yourself

As we approach International Yoga Day, a globally recognized event that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, we are reminded of the deep connection between what we consume and how we feel. In this blog, we explore the relationship between yoga and food, highlighting how the right nutrition complements a yoga practice and supports a […]

18 Must Try Rath Yatra Foods : Traditional Odia Festival Foods For Lord Jagannath

Rath Yatra is one of the most popular festivals of India. The festival of chariots full of joy and vibrancy is a significant Hindu festival celebrated widely across India. Apart from all its cultural richness, Rath Yatra also holds a rich culinary heritage. Lord Jagannath is served with a meal of Chhappan Bhog in Jagannath […]

Eco-Friendly Places in Ahmedabad (World Environment Day 2023 Special)

The world is being clawed by global warming, climate change, waste management issues, landfills, unnatural seasonal changes and a lot more. Civilizations have grown and evolved for decades at the cost of nature and now, the dire consequences we face can’t be tamed. The need to think for Earth has become more and more conspicuous […]

Heritage Places to Eat Food in Ahmedabad

People worldwide celebrate World Heritage Day as a special day to appreciate the invaluable cultural and historical landmarks around the globe. Ahmedabad is one of the historic cities of India with a unique blend of Hindu , Muslim and Jain influences. As part of Ahmedabad being a historic city, let’s take a visit to some restaurants and traditional areas that are existing for a very long time […]

9 Must Try Places For Refreshing Summer Drinks In Ahmedabad

Summer comes with its beauty and colours but along it brings insufferable heat. Where there are many a-reasons for hating or loving it, no one can deny the prowess of its absolutely dominating drinks. There are many options available when it comes to drinks for summer. Beat the heat with these 9 restaurants for refreshing […]

Nostalgic Food That Helps You Relive the Past

A collage of nostalgic food that transports you back in time and makes you relive the past.

When our eyes fall upon things from the past, we often exclaim, “Ah, the good old days!” Certain foods and items make us feel nostalgic, transporting us back to a time when they were a staple in our daily routines. These cherished relics from the past remind us of the simple pleasures we once enjoyed […]

Healthy Breakfast Easy to Make

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast is essential for maintaining a balanced diet and keeping your energy levels up throughout the day. Are you looking for delicious, nutritious breakfast recipes that are easy to make? Look no further! Here are some of easy and healthy breakfast recipes that you can whip up in no […]