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Ever heard that while you are enjoying your meal with your friends you can get your phone repaired? Sounds crazy but that is possible at Caffix – The Tech Cafe! I was invited by Hungrito to review their new menu. The cafe was at an easy to locate place. The ambience is so energizing, the movement you enter you, you are welcomed with bright smiles. You would spot a section of the cafe where you can get your iPhone repaired in less than 30 minutes.  This cafe is also famous for their SOS coffee. Sipping over selfie coffee sounds Amazing. You can have your selfie printed on your coffee, the use edible ink to print the coffees.The service: The servers were well trained, and were ready to help with the menu. Once you place your order you will be given a buzzer, which would blink and buzz when your order is ready and you can collect it.The food: Their menu wouldn’t disappoint you, they have a lot of options for vegetarians, eggetarians and as well as for non-vegetarians.We ordered the following from their vast menu:

1. The Black Bat Man

Freakshake-Caffix-The Tech Cafe

This was a freak shake, A tall Beauty loaded with all the goodness, topped with a huge piece of brownie and whipped cream. This seems like it was easy to finish but trust me it wasn’t.

2. Caffix Special Veg

pizza-Caffix-The Tech Cafe

A super heavy pizza with two layers. The bottom one was topped with cheese and the upper one loaded with amazing veggies and huge chunks of panner. I have never in my life had such amazing pizza.

3. Strawberry Velvet strawberry velvet

This mocktail was so beautiful that we all hesitated to spoil the beauty of it. It is a two-layered mocktail, the layers are clearly visible. The top layer was of soda and the bottom one was of strawberry crush. First sip itself is too refreshing and gives you all the freshness to keep you going the entire day. 

4. Chicken Mexican Wrap

Chicken Mexican Wrap-Caffix-The Tech Cafe

The plating of this wrap was superb. They serve it with beetroot mayo, fresh salad and orange drink. The wrap was outstanding, the chicken was cooked well, had lots of onions and cabbage. Perfectly spiced, the dip giving it another dimension of taste.

5. The Tobleroneious

selfie coffee-Caffix-The Tech Cafe

A must try at Caffix-The Tech Cafe. This glass has your selfie on the top. They serve it in a huge glass layered with Chocolate sauce, chunks of Toblerone, and a thick layer of cream. The shake was huge, we couldn’t stop staring how beautiful the selfie looked on the coffee. This was too sweet for us, but it tasted really good, you could actually get the taste of Toblerone in this.Caffix-The Tech Cafe is a must visit the cafe for all the coffee lovers.Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Food: 4/5 Ambience: 4/5 Service: 5/5Anushka Manajwal is a big time foodie and a passionate baker you can follow her discoveries here: @the.gourmet.eater

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