Best Italian Restaurants in Ahmedabad

Hungrito’s Guide To Best Italian Restaurants in Ahmedabad

Mangiare Per Vivere e Non-Vivere Per Mangiare

(eat to live, don’t live to eat)

Italian cuisine is not only pizza and white or red sauce pasta and garlic bread. There is a lot more in it, The are the art of making pasta and balancing it with a perfect amount of sauce is considered art. Ahmedabad has so many Italian restaurants but these 5 restaurants bring Italy to you straightaway on a plate. So here are 5 best Italian restaurants in Ahmedabad for you and your love for Italian cuisine.

1. Pepperazzi The Diner, Gulbai Tekra

The USA dinner

P.C: ZomatoAmbience: The moment you step into the Pepperazzi you feel as if you are having your dinner in the USA, the place has a very distinctive vibe. It has bright coloured posters and big comfy red couches to make you feel joyful.Must Try: Focaccia Bruschetta and Four Cheese sauce pasta worth trying. One Of the Most surprising dish on the menu is khichdi.Overall: A nice and cosy dinner to have a great time.

2. Raisin – Prahlad Nagar

pita bread

P.C: ZomatoAmbience: Raisin has a vibe of an Italian pizza bar where people meet and have fun with food to eat. They have a short and crisp menu and comforting pasta to serve.Must Try: The unique dish on the menu is Italian style Maggie worth a try.Overall: This restaurant is a tasty a risk where your taste buds has a sure win.

3. little Italy –; Bodakdev  


P.C: ZomatoAmbience: Little Italy is like a bombshell, the restaurant looks simple but has an amazing dim light set up.Must Try: When you look at its menu and dishes. Sun dried tomatoes and olive bruschetta and customizable pizzas are totally spot on.Overall: The Restaurants have literally all kinds of pasta from Spaghetti to penne, gnocchi, Ravioli, Tagliatelle.

4. That Place –; Navarangpura

garlic bread

P.C: ZomatoAmbience: That Place has a vibe of cozy dining experience with a hint of vibrant festive vibe.Must Try: The menu of Restaurant is quite complex but a wide range of pizza and pasta with a nonveg variant also makes that confusion go away. And to the top of all Apple Cinnamon Pie can a perfect fix for your sweet toothOverall: That Place is a place with minimalist setup and great food

5. Zucchini –; Gurukul


P.C: ZomatoAmbience: Zucchini has a feel of a high-end restaurant with a glass chandelier grabbing your attention.Must Try: The menu has a wide range of Italian starters, risottos, and pasta.Overall: The restaurant maintains high quality in food and provides a simple and exquisite dining experience.So here are top restaurants with can give your taste buds a ride to Italy on a plate. Do let us know your experience if you have visited any of these.Follow us on our socials Instagram | Facebook | Twitter