Freaky And Healthy Fruits

Do You Know Any Of These Freaky And Healthy Fruits? Here Are Few Of Them

Fruits are nature’s Candy!

Fruits are nature’s expression of love to other habitats of this planet. Besides apples and oranges, there are so many different fruits available around the world. These fruits grow in particular parts of a region. Also, they are in the costliest bunch around the world. So here are some those weird fruits.

1. Red Banana

Red Banana initially originated in West Indies as well as Central America. They are a bit small and sweeter in taste in comparison to normal banana. They are healthy and also helpful in quitting smoking.

2. “Seka Ichi” Apples


Seka Ichi is a company that cultivates these apples in Japan. These apple farms are hand pollinated And each apple is washed in honey. They are sweeter and not crispy like an ordinary apple. They are considered the sweetest apples in the world.

3. Buddha Shaped Pears

buddha pears

Buddha shaped pears are grown in the special type mold and anyone can grow them. The time taken to cultivate these pears makes them special. The price of these pears is $9 per piece. They are grown without the use of any unnatural pesticides.

4.  Mango (Taiyo No Tamago Mango)


Miyazaki in Tokyo is a company that produces specially cultivated Mangoes that are rich in sweetness and contains a perfect balance of sourness and color as well. They are sold under the label of Taiyo no Tamago Mango  that means egg of the sun.

5. Miracle Berry


Miracle Berry is one of weirdest fruits around the world. They look like normal berries but when you pop it in your mouth, the initial taste is like lemon but suddenly it translates into sweetness. This is the reason it has got its name of miracle berries.

6. Hala Fruit

The Coasts of Hawai(U.S.A.) have Hala fruit. This fruit resembles pineapple with a hard core at the center. It tastes like a mango and pineapple mixed. It looks like the sunburst on a tree. Mind and spirit strengthening medicines are made using Hala.

7. Pine Berry

pine berry

Cultivation of Pineberry is done using pineapple flowers so that makes them hybrid strawberries. Europe is their main cultivator and they basically taste like pineapple and strawberry together. They are very good for our heart and boosts the immunity system as well.

8. Dekopon  Citrus


Dekopon Citrus are a cross between a mandarin and an orange. It looks and tastes like an orange. The best part is the segments are seedless, so it gets hasslefree. It is distinctive for its sweet taste and a bump on the top.

9. Physalis


Physalis also called golden berry are from the tomato family. They are Colombian fruits. Sunlight and Moist soil are their main growth factors. Also, they have antioxidant benefits and protect liver and kidney.

10. Rambutan


Rambutan is an Indonesian tropical fruit. This fruit closely related to litchi and its shape makes it special. Rambutans also improve metabolism and kill intestinal parasites.So have you tries any of these weird plus healthy fruits around the world?Let us know on our socials:Instagram | Facebook | Twitter