Cheese Fondues

Must Try Cheese Fondues In Ahmedabad For A Cheese Lover

Who doesn’t love cheese??  Everybody does, right?  It is the best in every form. And I am fond of trying different cheese as well as their different forms. SWISS CHEESE FONDUE is one of the best things to happen with cheese. I love all that fusion of varieties of cheese served with veggies and bread. I try and grab this dish whenever and wherever it is available. Here are five of my best experiences with cheese fondues in Ahmedabad.

1. @MANGO, Bodakdev

They serve cheese with pieces of bread and potato chips. The combination is really amazing and the quantity of cheese is absolutely unbeatable.

2.Cafe Alfresco, Vijay Cross Roads

Fried veggies, bread, pita breadsticks are served with cheese. I love this combination of veggies with cheese.

cheese fondues in ahmedabad

3. Turquoise Villa, University Area

This one is a classic cheese fondue, one with cheese and pieces of bread. The taste of cheese is quite different here compared to other places. But still, it is really yummy.

cheese fondues in ahmedabad

4. Cuppuccino, Navrangpura

Spicy bread pieces are served beside tossed veggies and pizza sticks, which goes best with cheese. I absolutely love the spicy bread concept. And what delicious cheese they have!

5.Spinning Tomato’s, Jodhpur Crossroad

What is different in their fondue plate is, they serve cucumber sticks also along with nachos and breadsticks. Now that is different. Besides, cheese is also seasoned with chilly flakes, making it bit spicy. A new touch to cheese!

cheese fondues in ahmedabad

“To cheese or not to cheese, that is never the question.”

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