HungritoFM3, The Chocolate Room, India

Tasty Additions To The Menu Of Chocolate Room, India: #HungritoFM3

When I was invited by Hungrito for their 3rd meet up, I was pleasantly surprised. Getting acquainted with one of the biggest food blogs of Ahmedabad is certainly a delight. 10 bloggers were invited to the outlet of ‘Chocolate Room, India’ near Vijay crossroads for the launch of their winter delicacies namely cheesecakes and hot chocolates. The Hungrito team had planned a fun evening for us.Soon we were divided into two groups for the different games ahead.Our Team A won in both the games which were food taboo and 5-second rule and we won in both of them. It was very competitive and everyone had a blast.

Then came the moment we all were waiting for, Desserts!

Chocolate Room, India
Source: Hungrito

We were briefed by Mr Dhaval Shukla about the newly introduced dishes. The Chef personally assembled the cheesecakes and all the foodies grabbed their phones to click pictures.

Chocolate Room, India
Rasmalai Cheesecake: @gourmetbliss

We tried the Gulab Jamun cheesecake and Rasmalai Cheesecake. Both the cheesecakes were so delicate and soft. They had almost a pannacotta feel to it which the Chef explained happens because they are totally eggless. The cheesecakes were sinfully sweet and delicious.

Chocolate Room, India
Gulab Jamun Cheesecake: Hungrito

We also tasted their new Lindtt hot chocolate and Ghana hot chocolate, international flavours served with whipped cream on top. Hot chocolate is a necessity in winters and these were perfect even without the whipped cream.

Chocolate Room, India
Ghana Hot Chocolate: Hungrito

The meet up concluded with some more pictures, chocolate goodies for everyone and great memories! Hungrito and The Chocolate room, India did a wonderful job and all of us were happy to be a part of this HungritoFM3! Viral Makwana is big time foodie and zomato reviewer, you can follow his food discoveries here: @gourmetbliss

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