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7 Ultimate Places For Hot Chocolate In Ahmedabad

Hot Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food, especially in winter.There’s no winter pastime cozier than putting on a pair of super comfy Pajamas, curling up by the fire, and sipping a mug of hot chocolate.But hot chocolate is an art! Just melting a chocolate bar is not going to give you the rich, warm, decadent feels.That’s why we bring to you a list of the 7 best hot chocolate in Ahmedabad.

7 Tasty Hot Chocolate To Try in Ahmedabad

That’s the thing about a hot mug of chocolate in the depths of winter? It brings a smile to your face, doesn’t it?That feeling of warmth with a little sweetness is really bliss, that can make you feel really good on a cold and lazy day. Plus the cocoa from which it’s made is also beneficial to atrial health.

1. The Chocolate Room: Italian Chocolate Cuddle Cup

Chocolate Room | Hot Chocolate In Ahmedabad
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Our list starts with The Chocolate Room, and it’s obvious why! The variety of flavors you get here is unbelievable!You can try the Classic hot chocolate and Dark hot chocolate here. Or you can try Strawberry, Tiramisu, Mint, and Torroncino if you want to bold flavors.P.S. The hot chocolate here got cute names!Cost: Starting from ₹169Location: Multiple Outlets in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar

2. Nini’s Kitchen: Italian Hot Chocolate

Nothing is better than a warm cup of chocolate to make you feel like the main character!Head on to Nini’s Kitchen for just these vibes. Charming ambiance, various seating tables, and quirky decor is waiting for you!Cost: ₹210 for Italian Hot ChocolateLocation:Science City

3. Kake Di Coffee: Hot Chocolate

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Kaka Di Coffee serves delicious, affordable hot chocolate in Ahmedabad. It is a great hangout place for you and your friends!Cost: ₹80 for Hot ChocolateLocation: Bodakdev

4. Happy Rolls: Premium Dark Hot Chocolate

Dip into delicious dark chocolate with tasty snacks. The hot chocolate here is bitter-sweet, the perfect flavour to get you out of the cold winter.Cost: ₹140 for Premium Dark Hot ChocolateLocation: Vejalpur

5. Mad House Café: Hot Chocolate

The Mad House Cafe is the perfect breakfast place in Ahmedabad. It has very comfortable seating and gorgeous decor.But the best part of Mad House Cafe? The mouthwatering hot chocolate! It also comes in a delicious hazelnut flavor that you must try.Cost: ₹110 for Hot Chocolate (₹130 for Hazelnut Hot Chocolate)Location: Gulbai Tekra

6. Mc Cafe: Premium Dark Hot Chocolate

Of course, we are including McCafe in this list of the best hot chocolate in Ahmedabad! If you want a quick and accessible place, then this is perfect for you!With multiple locations all around Gujarat, McCafe is here to satisfy your hot chocolate cravings.Cost: Starts from ₹140Location: Multiple outlets around Ahmedabad

7. Mocha: Lindt Hot Chocolate

Believe us the hot chocolate at Mocha is our go-to drink be it winter or summer!There is the Ultimate Hot Chocolate which is silky smooth and warm. But we would recommend you to try the Lindt Hot Chocolate. Topped with dollops of whipped cream, and toasty marshmallows …. so yum!Cost: ₹250 for Lindt Hot Chocolate Location: BodakdevHere are our go-to places for some sinfully delicious hot chocolate in Ahmedabad! Did we miss any?

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