The Most Famous Food In 2018: Top Searched Food On Google

All of us foodie souls will surely be able to relate to one fact. i.e We just cannot resist food. You’re going out to it? I’m in You’re talking about food? I’m in You’re searching the most tasty food? Let me peep in.Google has revealed the most searched food of the year 2018. Let’s have a look at the list:

1. Keto Pancakes:

Keto diets have gained much popularity in the recent times. And we all surely relate to the struggle of eating healthy food while trying to not compromise on the taste. And keto pancakes are one option to look for health and taste equally.

Most Searched Food On Google 2018

2. Gochujang:

Yes! I know much of us are unaware about what this is. So, Gochujang is a red chilly paste which is savoury, sweet and spicy in taste. It has been naturally fermented in earthenware vessel and is of Korean origin.

Most Searched Food On Google 2018 3. Keto Cheesecake:

As keto is a no carb diet, The keto cheesecake is a no-bake, gluten free cheesecake to indulge in this mouthwatering dessert without feeling guilty.

Most Searched Food On Google 2018 4. Romaine lettuce:

This variant of lettuce grows in a slightly different way with it’s leaves heading downwards in structure. It is most commonly used in Middle Eastern Cuisine.

Most Searched Food On Google 2018 5. Keto Chilli:

The usual traditional chilli recipe is a mixture that constitutes of lots of beans, but considering keto chilli that has to avoid all the carbs, keto chilli was among the most searched foods of 2018.

Most Searched Food On Google 2018 6.CBD Gummies:

CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol which is a type of chemical compound identified in cannabis plant. The compound is used to treat issues like acne, anxiety, depression, insomnia and others. So CBD filled gummies are a good way of healing through this jolly looking food.

Most Searched Food On Google 2018

7.Keto Cookies:Who doesn’t love cookies? We’ve all come to the point where we would have failed to the temptation of delicious cookies and indulged in them. And the ones following the keto diet would obviously look for low carb keto cookies.

Most Searched Food On Google 2018 8. Unicorn Cake:

Unicorn has become a quite popular character and is widely discussed. We can now find almost all kinds of merchandise with unicorns. And there are people who would like to bring it in their food too. So Unicorn cakes are another thing that made a mark on the list.

Most Searched Food On Google 2018

9. Keto Brownies:

Brownies are undoubtedly a guilty pleasure for so many of us. And no doubt that the everyone loves brownies. So no surprise, Keto is one among the most searched foods of 2018.

Most Searched Food On Google 2018

We found this information from this amazing article on the Hindu.As there’s so much curiosity and searches going on about Keto food, Find out more about it here.Which food will be the most trending according to you in 2019? Let us know!

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