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10 Unique And Delicious Ice-cream Flavors

Are you someone who is fond of frozen sweets like ice-cream? Would you not like to dig straight into a bowl of this delightful dessert? Don’t you think that our brain is 90% ice-cream when we are craving something sweet? Needless to say, there is never a ‘No’ for an ICE-CREAM.  If you are fond of some unique types of this dessert or if you want to go beyond the vanilla and chocolate cliches, then we’ve absolutely got you covered with this list of 10 unique and delicious ice-cream flavors. Savor these delectable delicacies and your taste buds will thank you later. We believe that ice-cream works for every occasion. Isn’t it?

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-cream

Indulgent sweet dishes| Mint chocolate icecream

Holy chip! How about a delectable scoop of mint chocolate chip ice-cream? This delicious ice-cream is made of milk, cream, vanilla extract, sugar, and peppermint. It tastes beyond delicious with the intensely fresh flavor of mint leaves and chocolate. Get this @shankar’s ice-cream library, Ahmedabad.

Coffee Cardomom Ice-cream

unique and delicious ice-cream flavors| Coffee cardomom ice-cream

Hello, dear coffee lovers, we’re sure that you won’t just stop after one scoop of this creamy and flavorful coffee cardamom ice-cream. You will have an obsession with this amazing texture of the ice-cream and flavor combination of fresh cardamom and coffee. This aromatic ice-cream is not less than a form of flattery.

Honey Pistachio Ice-cream

several desserts| Honey pistachio ice-cream

Serve a bowl of this bright green color ice-cream the next time when your guests are home. They will not be disappointed by this tasteful honey pistachio ice-cream. It is a sweet and delicately floral form of an ice-cream with nutty and crunchy bits of pistachios in it. The salty element of pistachios in this creamy dessert is surely a win-win situation. Get this @Pabrai’s Fresh and Naturelle

Burnt Almond Fudge Ice-cream

unique and delicious ice-cream flavors| Burnt almond fudge ice-cream

Surprise your loved ones with your amazing culinary skills by making this delicious ice-cream at home. They are definitely going to love this frozen treat. Burnt almond fudge ice-cream is one of the tastiest combinations of creamy chocolates and crunchy toasted almonds. Call it a day after savoring a scoop of this yummy dessert!

Cereal Milk Ice-cream

unique and delicious ice-cream flavors| Cereal milk ice-cream

The famous cereal milk ice-cream is a bit milkier and icier than the other flavors of ice-cream. It is made with cornflakes or other unsweetened cereal with whole milk, cream, brown sugar, and vanilla extract. This is a silky smooth, creamy, and milky ice-cream is unique in its own kind. Don’t you think that you’ve got the perfect excuse to eat this as your breakfast as it consists of milk and cereal?

Red Velvet Cranberry Ice-Cream

Forzen delicious desserts| Red velvet cranberry icecream

How about your favorite red velvet batter swirled with some fresh cranberries which can be made into an ice-cream? If you are red velvet crazy then we bet that you are absolutely going to like this tasty flavor. Relish a scoop of this appetizing ice-cream after your dinner or any meal. Get this @shankar’s ice-cream library, Ahmedabad.

Chocolate Orange Ice-Cream

sweet dishes like icecreams| Chocolate orange icecream

We’re sure that you are going to crave more of it after enjoying this unique flavor of ice-cream. Chocolate orange ice-cream is a flavorful and fantastic combination of ultra-smooth chocolates along with the ultra-relaxing hints of orange in it. If you want the sweet Get this @Pabrai’s Fresh and Naturelle

Guava Chilli Ice-Cream

Yummy icecream| Guava chilli icecream

Have you already started thinking about how one can eat a spicy ice-cream? Take a chill pill because Guava chili ice-cream is not spicy. You can enjoy this delectable and unique combination of chili powder and pulpy guava made into a tasty ice-cream. Get this from Huber and Holly.

Rasmalai Ice-Cream

Delightful and flavorful sweets| Rasmalai icecream

Would you not like to have an ice-cream with a traditional Indian twist? Rasmalai is one of the popular and delightful ice-cream made with one of a kind of traditional Indian sweet. Your taste buds will definitely thank you later after devouring a scoop of this dessert. It has a heavenly airy-like texture and consistency with a mouth-watering taste. Get the Rasmalai ice-cream @Happinezz, Prahaladnagar. 

Vegan Chocolate Coffee Ice-Cream

10 unique and delicious ice-cream flavors| Vegan chocolate coffee ice-cream

Are you a vegan and also a sweet lover? If yes, then a scoop of vegan chocolate coffee ice-cream can become your best friend. The luscious and flavorful ice-cream will only leave you craving for more. If you want to get a nice chocolaty surprise in each spoon then you should definitely get your hands on this ice-cream now!“I scream, you scream, we all scream for an ice-cream.” Don’t we? Tell us which is your delightful pick from these 10 unique and delicious ice-cream flavors.

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