Desi snacks| Mini bhakharwadi

Desi Snacks We Can’t Get Enough Of – Part 2

Bahar nathi jata ne tame loko? Ghare j revanu che hamna toh! Toh bolo ghare su karo cho maja karva mate? Spending a lot of good time with your loved ones and eating the good food? Or binge eating while watching your best-loved television show? Cause this is something we desire to do to spend some good time at home. As we know that snacks is something we all get excited about! So how about relishing the delicious desi dry snacks while doing our work at home? Sounds perfect, right? Our dear snacks are an absolute delight for every occasion.

So what are you waiting for? Rush to your kitchen and grab a pack of snack and eat it while reading this blog. We have pulled out a list of some desi dry snacks options that will savor your taste buds anytime and will keep you full for a while! Because hunger can strike anytime!

1. Teekha Gathia

Desi snacks| Teekha gathiya

Have you ever heard someone saying that they are not fond of teekha gathia? Not many though! As these crispy and crunchy snack is favored by all due its taste and texture. The savory gathias are a light snack option with the morning tea or a cup of evening tea. Do you know that you can also relish it with some green fried chilies, raw onions, salad, or papaya no sambharo? Don’t believe it? Try it out for yourself and your taste buds will thank you for sure!
Few flavors of the flavorsome teekha gathia – Methi Gathia, Bhavnagri Gathia, Tam Tam Gathia.

2. Mini Bhakharwadi

Desi dry snacks| Mini bhakharwadi

Craving for something salty, spicy, plesant, and wholesome at the same time? Then we’ve got the best option for you indeed!The ultra delicious and spiral shaped mini bhakharwadis! You would definitely want to indulge into it right away due to its irresistable flavor and enticing texture. We bet that you are not going to regret even after finishing the whole packet at one go! The crispy, aromatic, and peppy bhakarwadi is a popular tea-time snack loved by all.

3. Sev

Desi dry snacks| Masala sev

How we favor to use this as a dressing on sev usal, ragda pav, chaat, and the og sev batata puri! Isn’t it? Or pretty much using this to sprinkle on everything for that extra crunch and flavoring! How about gorging on the bowl of savory sev with a cup of aromatic coffee, chai, or with an icy cold glass of sharbat? Sev – the crunchy is a diversified food item that mixes efficiently with everything! You can add it in various types of chivda and make some tasteful mixtures.
Few flavors of the flavorsome sev – Mint Sev, Aloo Sev, Tomato Sev, Paalak Sev.

4. Farsi Puri

Dry nasta| Farsi puri

One of the delectable delight for all your snack cravings. Farsi puri goes with almost everything. You name it and you can have it! Relish these crunchy and melt-in mouth snack with your evening tea or as a morning breakfast with a cup of aromatic aadrak wali chai! It also goes well with a glass of juice! Did you know that these scrumptious puris have stomach filling capabilities? Yes, it is also slightly impossible to stop once you start munching this crispy delight!
Few flavors of the flavorsome farsi puri – Meethi Puri, Masala Puri, Khaman Puri, rava maida Puri.

5. Roasted Masala Peanuts

Desi dry snacks| Roasted peanuts

You can never get bored of the crispy and flavorsome peanuts! Don’t you agree with us? Roasted masala peanuts is one of the easiest and quick snack that can be made at home. It is a health nut or a protein rich snack that goes well with a chaat or chivda. You can have a handful of these everyday while reading your favorite article or a book as it is a guilt free snack!
So, are you already “nuts about the peanuts” now? Oh, and don’t forget to make some peanut butter with these nuts at home and enjoy it in your smoothies!

Savor these tasty and desi dry snacks and tell us which is your go-to food item for binge eating! You would also not want to forget to store all these snacks in an air tight container for relishing it later.

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