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5 Home Bakers Turned Professionals Part-3

The true inspiration is the people that have the potential to turn their dream and passion into a source of income. Home Bakers have always come to our rescue whenever we needed them to help us treat and satisfy our sweet tooth cravings. It is not easy to start from scratch and build up a whole functioning business. Hats off to all of the home bakers out there who are working so hard and managing everything in their lives. Here we have a list of 5 Home Bakers turned professionals inspiring us with their amazing talent. We have had the opportunity to work with most of these amazing home bakers through different collaborations and Hungrito Food Fest.

5 Home Bakers Turned Professionals

1. Let’s Dough This– Vidhi Goswani

Being tired of having the crusty industrial cookies this amazing home baker decided to take the matters into her own hands. Vidhi Goswami came up with an amazing way to fix our sweet tooth cravings. Like any other home baker and not being a professional baker, she started by experimenting on her own. One year after experimenting in small batches of cookies and having success in them, started her venture “Let’s Dough This”. The aim is simple- bring joy through food with creativity.

Home Bakers Turned Professionals| Let'd Dough This| Vidhi Gowani
Source: Instagram (Hungrito)

2. Fusion Creations– Kena & Chaitali

Fusion Creations is all about “Crafting Moments” through indulging in chocolates and cakes. Kena and Chaitali are young entrepreneurs working on a collection of premium to regular assortments to customized and handcrafted chocolates, jar cakes, cookies, pies, cakes, and so much more! They also provide chocolate boxes with imprinted company logos and make your gifting experience to be more memorable. Additionally, they cater to the needs of retail, corporate, bulk, and customized personal orders as well.

Home Bakers Turned Professionals| Fusion Creations| Kena & Chaitali
Source: Instagram (fusion_creations)

3. Brown Waves– Hina Shah & Mauli Shah

Hina being a designer by profession and Mauli being an interior designer by profession made a whole 360-degree turn by starting up their venture Brown Waves. Hina and Mauli both have made constant efforts to create a balance between satisfying the sweet cravings and introducing healthy options. Brown Waves offers a variety of mouthwatering whole wheat and egg-less collection of baked products.

Home Bakers Turned Professionals|Brown Waves| Hina Shah & Mauli Shah
Source: Instagram (Hungrito)

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4. Sweet Sensation Ravina Parchani

By profession, Ravina Parchani is a young student at the GLS Institute of Design. She is an amazing home baker specializing in cupcakes, cakes and so much more. Sweet sensation also makes customized cakes, cupcakes, and chocolates. Additionally, sweet sensation offers various hampers during festivals and organizes giveaway hampers their delicious specially baked goodies.

Source: Instagram (sweet.sensation__)

5. CaravebitLeena Pritmani

Leena is a self-taught baker having a passionate interest in baking since her childhood. She got the idea of starting her bakery when she made a cake for her father’s birthday with toffees and miniatures on the cake which became a hit among her family members. It was never on intention to choose home baking as a profession but it turned out to be her best decision in the end. It was her constant experimentation and creative imagination which brought success to her baking venture.

Home Bakers Turned Professionals| Cravebit| Leena Pritmani
Source: Instagram (cravebit_cakes_and_a_bit_more)

At the end of any given day, it is the hard work and passion of doing things that pay off. This is the lesson we all need to learn from these sensational home bakers. Who is your go-to person for food inspiration?

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